A Child’s Perspective of SAP

One of the attributes that attracted me to SAP as an employer was the amount of positive reviews on having a great work-life balance. For me as a mom, it is important to have a career that is fulfilling but also provides me with flexibility.

For SAP’s Take Your Child to Work Day, held last month, my team and I partnered with regional marketing to interview children of SAP parents about life at SAP.

We captured 10 SAP families on camera and asked questions such as:

  • “What does your parent do at SAP?”
  • “Can you role play your parent at work for us?”
  • “What do you think your parent likes most about working at SAP?”

It was such a fun day and we’re excited to share the video in honor of National Working Parents Day!

A Kid’s Perspective of SAP

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A Kid's Perspective of SAP

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Many parents describe having children as a job unto itself. It can seem impossible at times, but we can all agree it is well worth it. For me personally, it has made me a better professional, manager, and mom. At the end of the day, it comes down to taking care of people, whether your customers, key stakeholders, colleagues, team, or family.

When your employees have children, that’s part of the package, which means understanding that things come up. Doctor’s appointments, recitals and games, and care-giving can come in all forms — not just with children, either.

I am proud to work at SAP because the company has created policies that include multiple perspectives to support the most inclusive working environment possible. In honor of all the parents out there, we wish you a very happy #WorkingParentsDay!