At SAPPPHIRE NOW in 2018, SAP announced the release of a new version of SAP MaxAttention, an enhanced premium customer success plan encompassing services and support elements to help customers into the intelligent enterprise Journey.

The New SAP MaxAttention is the highest and most exclusive level of engagement available with the SAP Digital Business Services organization.

Since the launch of the new and improved offering, SAP customers both new and old have taken advantage of the holistic engagement model, comprehensive portfolio coverage, and predictable outcomes of SAP MaxAttention.

Here, Silvio Bessa, senior vice president and head of the Premium Customer Success and SAP MaxAttention in SAP Digital Business Services, discusses how customers are reacting to the New SAP MaxAttention, as well as what’s next for the support offering:

Q: What are some of the major advancements that differentiate the New SAP MaxAttention from its previous version?

A: Like a machine, a business has many different parts – all with different functions – that come together to achieve the overarching goals of the company. As such, when choosing a method of support, today’s enterprises need a partner that provides end-to-end customized services that accommodate every role and responsibility. Expanding on our initial offering, the latest version SAP MaxAttention takes this into account and covers all SAP solutions and co-designed solutions, helping ensure complete industry and line-of-business coverage.

Detailed, hands-on support is even more important as today’s businesses experience increased pressure to update legacy systems; this is why SAP MaxAttention supports all cloud and hybrid scenarios in addition to on-premise solutions. Whether a company is just starting their relationship with SAP or are an existing customer making the move to SAP S/4HANA or a cloud solutions from SAP, they have a dedicated team and set of resources ready provide support and adapt along with inevitable business shifts.

Based on customer feedback, we’ve also bolstered SAP MaxAttention with increased choice throughout the digital transformation journey, from implementation to continuous improvement. In addition to receiving full transparency from a dedicated, on-site team of SAP experts, SAP MaxAttention offers customers full visibility and ownership over a wide range of topics, including innovation services, co-design, architecture planning, analytics and data management, implementation support, cybersecurity and compliance, PaaS and DevOps, safeguarding, end-to-end hybrid operations, and accelerated support.

Depending on the needs of the business and proactive recommendations from a dedicated SAP MaxAttention team, customers can scale their level of engagement throughout their digital transformation journey.

Early adopters of the New SAP MaxAttention have now spent more than a year with the offering. What kind of feedback are they providing?

Customer response to the New SAP MaxAttention has been overwhelmingly positive across industries. In fact, as customers continue to move to SAP S/4HANA in their pursuit of becoming intelligent enterprises, the New SAP MaxAttention has been cited as a catalyst to streamlining implementation and helping ensure that enterprises can fully realize value from their solution. And this is just one of the many SAP solutions that customers can enhance through SAP MaxAttention.

A specific customer example that comes to mind is one of the world’s largest chemical companies, which recently adopted the New SAP MaxAttention framework. Given the company’s global nature and the overwhelming breadth of data it was generating, its business leaders set out with the intention of modernizing operations through SAP technology, with a focus on data management splits.

For this customer, the enhanced focus on analytics and data management provided by the New SAP MaxAttention helped to support its overall data strategy, without disrupting operations. According to a leading IT decision maker from the company:

“When we began pursuing ways to upgrade our digital core, we knew that data management would have to be a key component. From the beginning of our engagement with SAP MaxAttention, our on-site SAP team immediately helped identify the areas that required the most improvement and worked with us to devise an enhanced data strategy that aligned with our business needs, from analysis to governance. We were then able to prototype next-generation scenarios against our road map and co-design solutions that maximized the way that every line of business harnesses and leverages data.”

What are your future plans for the evolution of SAP MaxAttention based on customer feedback and the ever-changing digital economy?

This is just the beginning for premium customer success at SAP: Looking ahead, we anticipate further integration of partner knowledge into SAP MaxAttention engagements. For example, we recognize that customers today may be running their solutions on multiple hyperscalers, and are working to ensure that SAP MaxAttention services account for any and all possible environments that customers are operating in. Additionally, we plan to continue to collaborate with the cutting-edge startup companies involved in the the SAP.iO Foundries program, and offer their technologies during enterprise-to-edge design support to tap into the most innovative new business models and capabilities available.

The New SAP MaxAttention offers customers an enhanced level of access to SAP expertise and resources across the SAP portfolio, helping ensure predictable outcomes no matter how business needs shift.

To keep up with the latest SAP MaxAttention developments, or explore how your business can benefit from its latest version, visit the SAP MaxAttention area of sap.com.