Saddle Up! SAP is Looking for the “Old Town Road” of the High-Tech Industry

If you have gone anywhere this year, whether by car, plane, or horse, you have heard the viral pop-culture phenomenon “Old Town Road.”

Written and recorded by hip hop rapper Lil Nas X, the song was quickly remixed to include country music sensation Billy Ray Cyrus and has captured the attention of people of all ages and people from all around the world. But what is it about “Old Town Road” that has made it such a hit?

There are likely many reasons for the song’s popularity, but one reason that stands out is the song’s ingenuity and the way Lil Nas X successfully brings two seemingly opposite worlds together and makes them one. His unique approach has blurred genre lines and arguably set a new standard across the music industry. The song’s global success can push other artists to expand their horizons and form new collaborations that can disrupt the music industry.

From Music to Manufacturing

The same notion can be applied to the high-tech industry, where industry pioneers are raising the bar and have used innovative approaches and intelligent technologies to reap the benefits of blurred industry lines.

For example, high-tech manufacturers are shifting from selling products to delivering a service. Traditionally, a manufacturer would simply sell a 3D printer to a customer, but now, to improve customer experience and save the customer costs, manufacturers are billing customers for usage of their product and providing a service. A digital supply chain enabled by a digital platform and intelligent technologies allows the traditional manufacturer to virtually monitor their equipment at a customer’s site to track usage and maintenance, while creating a new revenue stream for itself.

This customer-centric transformation is the innovative change SAP is looking to recognize through the 2020 SAP Innovation Awards.

The 2020 SAP Innovation Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the best run customers and partners and the different ways they are driving innovation, making their business more intelligent, and utilizing technology to make a difference. Customers and partners using any SAP product or technology are eligible to submit. Winners will be showcased at SAPPHIRE NOW 2020 and receive multiple promotional opportunities with SAP. And lastly, but certainly not least, up to $20,000 in charity donations will be awarded based on submissions alone. More details on the program timeline and prizes are available here.

And the 2020 SAP Innovation Award Goes to…

There are several new award categories this year, including Business Transformation Champion, the winner of which will be an industry leader that exemplifies how businesses can move from the traditional way of doing things into an enterprise-wide transformation using a variety of SAP technologies. This can be through redefining business models, innovating critical business process, or enabling breakthrough strategies.

Check out the SAP Innovation Awards website for a full description of all six categories. All selected winners will receive a special recognition for their company and team; exposure in select external communications and thought leadership channels; and exclusive opportunities to showcase their success with key SAP executives at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando and beyond.

For examples of innovation stories that stole the show last year, here are a few of the 2019 winners, which creatively used technology to solve complex problems and drive business value:

SAP Innovation Awards 2019

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SAP Innovation Awards 2019

Preparing for Award Nomination

All entries from SAP customers that are live at time of submission are eligible to win an SAP Innovation Award. Partners that submit on behalf of a customer should ensure they have obtained customer consent to participate. Each entry will be reviewed and scored by a panel of SAP judges. To ensure you have the best chance of winning, the pitch deck should highlight how your business is moving toward the intelligent enterprise via use cases and clearly defined business outcomes, which could even include an element of social impact.

More information on the award timeline and list of prizes is available here. For details on the judging criteria and category definitions, visit the SAP Innovation Awards website. Submission period is open now and all entries are due by January 3, 2020. Get started today and join the conversation online using the hashtag #SAPInnovation.

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