Find Your Soundtrack for Disruption at SuccessConnect

Creativity drives innovation and innovation drives change: That’s a cycle that we’re all familiar with these days, and one that can create problems for anyone looking to manage organizational transformation.

At this year’s SuccessConnect, SAP is offering two sessions that take a look at both sides of that equation, creating a culture of innovation and creating a culture that can sustain change.

“The Art of Disruption: Creating an Innovation Culture” with Sybarite5

Artists are at the center of human creativity, so it makes sense that artists and their creative processes can be an incredible case study into how companies should encourage and uplift their employees to create something incredible where nothing existed before.

Sybarite5, a renowned string quintet that gained fame for a groundbreaking approach to chamber music, will be at SuccessConnect in Las Vegas next week to discuss their approach to creativity, collaboration, and culture. Hear firsthand how this group creates a collaborative environment where each member feels comfortable exploring new ideas. For a group that has disrupted one of the oldest, most challenging industries in the world — classical music — they have definite insight into fostering a culture of creative innovation.

During this interactive session, Sybarite5 will talk about how a diverse group of individuals came together, how they create a safe environment to continue to innovate, and the importance of well-being, because burnout can be a serious problem for artists and employees alike. With rigorous schedules, often on the road, and high-reaching goals, it can be difficult for anyone to find time to take care of themselves. But people work their best when they feel their best. The members of Sybarite5 will also share tips on how they manage their personal well-being to avoid burnout. And any event with a famed string quintet wouldn’t be complete without a little music.

“20/20 Vision for 2020: A Four-Part Equation for Digital Success” with Jason Averbook

Companies in all industries are facing the challenges of a digital transformation, but many are struggling to develop a strategic vision to make sure that transformation is successful. It goes beyond simply modernizing technology. Transforming an organization for success in the digital age means that every employee at every level must be engaged and share a vision of what that digital future looks like.

To learn how to best manage your company’s digital transformation, Jason Averbook will share his “Four-Part Equation for Digital Success.” A top thought leader in the human capital management (HCM) industry, Averbook has devised a system to create a lasting business transformation that surpasses a simple technology transition. At the heart of this transformation is the process of understanding employee perspectives, because each employee needs to be a champion for change in any successful transformation. When employee buy-in is matched with motivation from the C-suite, the entire workforce can collaborate efficiently to bring about the necessary digital transformation.

In this informative session, Jason Averbook will share a practical vision to help prioritize and align, make the internal business case, engage the right stakeholders, design with intention, and advance 2020 transformation work intelligently.

Many more amazing sessions just like these are taking place next week at SuccessConnect in Las Vegas. Check out the Agenda Builder for more information.