SAP and Esports: The Next Chapter with League of Legends

Building a reputation as an authentic technology partner has been SAP’s mission since it started engagement in esports in 2018. As the Official Innovation Partner of Team Liquid, the company has now been supporting the team for more than a year.

With in-game data analytics, SAP helped the Dota 2 team improve its match preparation routines and gain new insights to strategies. Besides the partnership with Team Liquid, we also collaborated with Dota 2 esports tournament organizers to enhance the live broadcast with stats-driven insights for fans and commentators.

Now, SAP is thrilled to take the next step in esports engagement. With the League of Legends World Championship going on right now, SAP is extending its esports involvement by collaborating with the Team Liquid League of Legends team.

“For SAP this brings a brand-new challenge as we extend our focus into a second competitive title for the first time”, says Milan Černý, director of Strategic Partnerships, SAP Global Sponsorships. “Using our existing experience and various parts of the analytics from Dota 2, we will be supporting Team Liquid’s League of Legends team during their toughest challenge yet ⁠— the League of Legends World Championship – and beyond on their continuous mission to be one of the most successful teams in the world.”

The League of Legends team will use SAP technology to support players’ growth and improvement by analyzing performance based on in-game data insights that were previously unavailable to them.

League of Legends Team
Working with Team Liquid League of Legends team, SAP enters the exciting next chapter of engagement in esports.

“With SAP data, we will now be able to show Doublelift exactly why we aren’t picking him Vlad, but instead grabbing Sona during those crucial game 5 deciders”, says Michael Artress, team manager of Team Liquid’s League of Legends team. “If we need to break down the laning stage, see how much damage was mitigated in a team fight due to items or abilities, or check the win rates when certain champions are paired against others, SAP will be there to help us with the data and analytics we need.”

Analytics tools from SAP will also be used to support Team Liquid’s coaching staff as well as its analysts as the team competes in the League of Legends World Championships and beyond. In such a highly competitive environment, knowledge can make the difference between victory and defeat, and information is one of the most vital resources. With SAP, the team is now able to tap into an unprecedented amount of data to deliver its best performance.

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