Based on a recent IDC report, the SAP partner economy is expected to increase from $100 billion to $200 billion in the next five years.

A fundamental shift in the way this partner economy will play out going forward requires the SAP ecosystem to start building innovations, using intelligent technologies to complement SAP solutions and stay competitive — regardless of partner size and current business model.

In the fast-paced era of digital transformation for customers, SAP is betting big on its ecosystem building intelligent applications that complement and are tightly integrated with the portfolio. To enable partners to extend the SAP portfolio on our digital platform, we are building the necessary microservices and APIs to speed up adoption so our valued customers get to consume a broader set of solutions, including ecosystem innovation.

Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services

Part of the global SAP Partner organization, the Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services group has served partners around the globe for more than two decades with tailored services to help them take their innovations to SAP customers.

Services cater to various functions along partners’ entire innovation life cycles. Partners can benefit if they are still ideating and building or have complete built innovations. The services help SAP to broaden the available portfolio to customers with innovations from partners, helping partners in their innovation journey and at the same time helping safeguard customer interests.

EY’s Innovation Journey with SAP

EY is one of SAP’s most valued global strategic services partners (GSSPs). In line with the Next-Generation Partnering initiative, EY has been aggressively building IP to complement the SAP product portfolio and capture a large piece of the future $200 billion partner economy.

From a time-to-market perspective, the company’s Global SAP Innovation Factory — based out of India — has been churning out cutting-edge innovations over the past year and has a significant pipeline of solutions to both make an impact and add value for SAP customers. In close collaboration with Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services, EY has 13 certified solutions. The company is also an early adaptor of the new Intelligent Enterprise certification offering and two EY innovations were certified within two weeks of this new rollout

EY has also signed a multi-project co-innovation agreement with the Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services team to collaboratively bring strategic intelligent enterprise extensions from SAP, using the latest technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, and SAP Data Intelligence. These innovations will cut across industries and line-of-business solutions and are expected to bring significant value to customers.

“We are delighted to join hands with EY on the co-innovation journey. This co-innovation agreement with EY further strengthens our commitment to support the ambitious plans of EY to be the front-runners in bringing innovation to our customers”

— Nandagopal B Prasad, senior vice president and head of Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services, SAP

“We continuously look into opportunities that enable us to raise the value of EY innovations powered by SAP technology for our customers. The recently signed co-innovation agreement with SAP offers an alignment with various SAP teams that helps us offer leading-edge innovations in a focused, efficient manner.”

— Axel Janz, EY Global Innovation leader, SAP

Ravi Rao is vice president of Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services at SAP.