SAP gold partner Flexso Digital believes new technology can help improve people’s lives in the enterprise.

“New technology can differentiate our customers through unique digital solutions tailored to customer needs”, said David Pierre, partner at Flexso Digital.  “We thrive on making our customers more competitive with smart solutions such as user-friendly apps, customer portals, and digital assistants powered by artificial intelligence.”

Flexso Digital Puts the Customer Front and Center by Showcasing Uniqueness

Offering exceptional innovation to customers is a key driver for Flexso Digital. It does so by utilizing SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo. This digital innovation platform allows the company to rapidly build use cases. The use cases are managed and safeguarded on a holistic and secure IT platform, fueled by intelligent technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), real-time data intelligence, and machine learning.

“Once customers have the speed and flexibility of the cloud, they can focus on the exclusive offerings, creating their own competitive edge. That’s where Flexso Digital comes in,” Pierre added.  “We understand that every customer has specific needs to make the difference in their markets, so we provide them with the ability to be unique and help them build those use-cases.”

“We cannot solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

-Albert Einstein

Find, Match, Recruit Digital Natives with a Smart Job Assistant

Flexso Digital job assistant
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Most of us have dealt with the pain of looking for a job. Flexso Digital’s Intelligent Job Assistant is tailored to people looking for a job to work seamlessly within SAP SuccessFactors software.  Like Siri or Google Assistant, the applicant uses a simple chatbot to find the right type of position, faster.  For example, the applicant can say, “I’m looking for a job” and upload their resume, which is subsequently scanned and matched to the customer’s open vacancies. The chatbot then asks, “What are you looking for? Tell me about your qualifications.”  It proceeds to provide recommendations by using machine learning in order to match the job seeker with open vacancies. Then, the job seeker can swipe ‘like’ or ‘don’t like,’ and the app learns from the applicant’s behavior.

“This proves to be a quicker and more pleasant experience,” said Pierre.  “Applicants are finding jobs they are better suited for, faster. This also widens the scope of people you can attract to new generations of digital natives, and the applicant has a higher probability to match the job seeker with the appropriate open vacancies.”

Even recruiters, who might receive upwards of 100 resumes per day to review, can benefit from this solution. The system provides smart guidance so they can focus on relevant applicants. This is just one way in which Flexso is building its own IP to enhance the customer experience.

A Picture Worth a Thousand Part Numbers

What if people in the field could identity parts in SAP simply by taking a picture? Enter the Flexso Digital Smart Material Wizard* application. It is like using one’s eyes, but smarter. This smartphone app recognizes a company’s materials, assets, and equipment based on a picture, and  users can check available stock and order a spare part immediately — no more searching for part numbers.

Flexso Digital: Product Screenshot
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“I continue to be impressed by Flexso Digital’s ability to rapidly adopt new SAP technology and create innovative solutions for our joint customers,” said Peter von Linstow fromt the SAP Partner Solution Center, EMEA North. “This is exactly what we need to make the Intelligent Enterprise a reality.”

Flexso’s smart Material Wizard

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Flexso’s smart Material Wizard

This is what SAP means by the Next-Generation Partnering initiative and it demonstrates another instance of how technology and a customer-centric partner can make things a little easier.

SAP and our partners. Improving lives. That is our purpose.