Very few digital transformation projects achieve radical, far-reaching outcomes on their own. From creating new business models to re-imagining the customer experience, most companies embark on a more extensive and incremental journey, where each step is a foundation for the next one.

This mindset demands something different from providers that build and maintain the systems businesses depend on. On one hand, they need an established, proven transformation strategy to further their digital maturity. On the other, they still want enough flexibility to invest in innovation-centered research and experimentation that go beyond digital lipstick.

At SAP, we have developed a complete framework that allows our customers to simplify their transition to a digitized world. Now, with SAP Model Company services, they can accelerate implementations and deliver expected outcomes for their business models, processes, internal operations, and customer experiences.

SAP Model Company: New Spin on Digital Transformation

It would be unrealistic to say that businesses should adopt 100 percent of the scenarios, best practices, and expert advice available in SAP Model Company. However, most of our customers leverage more than 85 percent.

The beauty of SAP Model Company stems from the proven guidance and tools that can shape a digital foundation by discovering, considering, and experimenting with a variety of ideas. In return, customers are opening up new possibilities by discussing their expectations with a buzzword-free, concise, and easy-to-understand narrative.

Take a moment to reflect on your company. Like most businesses, you are innovating products and services that add value to every customer’s life. Whether you are helping people live healthier, more entertained, or more responsibly, you should extend the same focus, resources, and commitment dedicated to innovating your offerings to your operations.

However, it is common to have processes that can be further simplified and made more consistent for your company to stay competitive. Your data and services may need to be more centralized, reliable, and accessible – anytime and anywhere. Most importantly, your business might consider new ways to work faster and more efficiently for internal teams, vendors, and customers to answer customer demands and act opportunistically.

For these reasons, SAP Model Company is a good fit for those looking to evolve a business digitally. The opportunity alone to help standardize operational processes company-wide can help deploy digital investments — such as SAP S/4HANA — on your terms quickly, without adding complexity.

For many of SAP customers, this approach has become a defining moment in their digital transformation story. They are taking more strategic and precise steps in their digital maturity journey, such as:

  • Identifying and prioritizing gaps through ongoing business process workshops with various lines of business
  • Implementing a single, central digital core with a library of proven processes, best practices, and scenarios
  • Pinpointing simple workarounds that accelerate the project and expected outcomes through a fit-to-standard analysis
  • Streamlining collection, reviews, and approvals of new process elements by accessing business-process design documents
  • Freeing the IT team to focus on more strategic innovation projects by easing requirements for maintenance, increasing flexibility, and simplifying landscape expansion

The knowledge that is gathered, compiled, and activated from SAP customers all over the world from a variety of industries is so tremendous that a digital transformation project should never start from scratch.

Even if a resource is revised to meet unique requirements or achieve a visionary industry disruption, SAP Model Company sets the foundation for a new competitive edge.

This is part two of a three-part series, “A Digital Revolution of Model Companies.” Discover how businesses are driving their digital evolution with the insight, guidance, and best practices of SAP Model Company services. Stay in the conversation by following SAP Digital Business Services on social media on YouTubeTwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.

Steve Mann is North America solution director for SAP Model Company at SAP.