New on openSAP: “Sustainability: Learning from Leading Companies”

As we all know, we need to step up and take responsibility for global sustainability. We can see the negative effect that modern life is having on our world, but we can create sustainable changes to make a positive impact.

Companies have the power to make a big difference by making small changes in how they conduct their businesses. The Conference Board, the member-driven think tank that delivers trusted insights for what is ahead, has developed a free online sustainability course, Sustainability: Learning from Leading Companies, on openSAP to help companies understand what the issues are and witness how other companies are taking steps to make positive impacts.

There are two sections to this course. With the first, participants will learn about the facts, and it will set the stage for the sustainable issues that face the world today. This section will also cover the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), as well as defining material issues and strategy integration.

In the second section, participants will learn about specific issues such as climate change, supply chain transparency, and the circular economy. The course will cover why these issues are important, and how businesses can act to contribute to sustainable solutions.

The sustainability course features senior executives from several companies that have successfully integrated sustainability into their strategies. By hearing about their experiences, SAP hopes all course participants will be inspired to make changes within their own companies too.

The Conference Board’s agenda is simple: to help leaders navigate the biggest issues facing businesses and better serve society. At the Sustainability Centre, they undertake independent research to help companies create long-term value and positive impact through sustainability integration.

The course is open to everyone interested in learning about sustainability and looking for inspiration to help their company deliver sustainable business practices. The course is available on October 22 and learners can access and review the content on their own schedules. To sign up for the course, only a valid email address is needed. Questions or comments about the content can be posted in the discussion forum, where participants can also exchange ideas with the sustainability course experts and other learners.

Our world has changed and continues to suffer. We need to act now to contribute positively.

Join us to learn more in Sustainability: Learning from Leading Companies.