SAP ActiveAttention: Putting SAP Service and Support Content into Context

Last month, Silvio Bessa, senior vice president and head of Premium Customer Success and SAP MaxAttention in SAP Digital Business Services, shared the progress of the New SAP MaxAttention, SAP’s highest level of customer engagement available within the SAP Digital Business Services organization.

Here, Silvio shares some additional background on SAP ActiveAttention, the latest addition to SAP’s portfolio of premium success engagements.

Q: SAP ActiveAttention was launched in April 2019. What inspired the launch of this offering?

A: SAP customers come in all sizes, from all industries, and various levels of complexity. The launch of SAP ActiveAttention was to ensure that no matter where a company is in its journey to the intelligent enterprise, or what its business needs may be, it is able to receive the tailored support necessary to fully realize the benefits of its SAP solutions.

Based on customer feedback, and the analysis of SAP services and support usage patterns, it was clear that there was a gap to be filled. While many customers require a premium success engagement, some prefer a collaborative approach versus a more hands-on partnership. As such, SAP ActiveAttention provides different levels of service options, allowing customers to consume their premium success engagement – from discovery and innovating to running –  at whatever pace best serves their needs.

With SAP ActiveAttention engagement, customers have access to:

  • Foundation Services: At the start of an SAP ActiveAttention engagement, the technical quality manager will provide a service engagement plan and governance structure to aid alignment on support delivery.
  • Improvement Analysis and Road Mapping: The technical quality manager will conduct an improvement analysis to establish a roadmap of the services needed. The analysis optimizes the business’s solution environment and transforms it digitally through proactive recommendations.
  • Architecture Spotlight: Through SAP Transformation Hub, customers are guided to identify potential opportunities for architecture transformation across cloud or hybrid landscapes.

Q: How is SAP ActiveAttention different from SAP MaxAttention? What about SAP Value Assurance?

A: Think of it this way: A racecar driver and a professional that travel for a living both need to keep their vehicle in prime condition to perform their job at their best. However, a racecar driver will require an entire pit crew, while a corporate traveler may only require a reliable mechanic for routine maintenance and optimization suggestions.

Similarly, while both the New SAP MaxAttention and SAP ActiveAttention are premium success engagements, SAP MaxAttention is tailored to large customers with highly complex solution environments and data sets. Like a pit crew, these customers require an onsite team of SAP specialists that are 100 percent dedicated to the business at hand and optimizing its digital core. SAP ActiveAttention aligns more closely with the needs of the business traveler – providing access to an (off-site) SAP technical quality manager while still offering a level of service parallel to that of SAP MaxAttention.

On the flip side, someone living and working in a metropolitan area will have different vehicle needs than the business traveler. More often than not, the city commuter will rely on public transportation, and utilize taxis and ride-share services on an ad-hoc basis, while our business traveler still requires consistent access to their personal vehicle. In this case, SAP Value Assurance service packages align most closely with the city dweller. Customers who utilize this offering typically engage with SAP support on a project basis for implementation support and safeguarding. Unlike SAP ActiveAttention, SAP Value Assurance service packages are not premium success engagements and are tailored to customers operating in less complex solution environments.

SAP ActiveAttention helps to cover a breadth of customers that fall somewhere in the middle of SAP Value Assurance and SAP MaxAttention. Whether it’s large customers with less complex business structures, or small-to-midsize customers with a higher need for premium levels of engagement, the new SAP ActiveAttention’s flexible structure can help to provide tailored methods assistance.

Q: How are early adopters of SAP ActiveAttention responding to the premium success engagement?

A: In the last six months since its launch, customers have been extremely receptive to SAP ActiveAttention. The new offering has been rolled out with more than 100 customers globally, and one of the resounding pieces of feedback we’ve received has been the level of satisfaction with the service’s tailored support. As a premium success engagement, SAP ActiveAttention encompasses all service and support topics, but its flexibility allows each technical quality manager to work collaboratively with businesses to put this content in the context of the customer.

As both customer needs and the digital landscape grow in complexity, the idea of “best practice” will shift to “right practice,” and the definition of “right” will be entirely determined by the customer at hand. This is why tailored support, like the services provided through SAP ActiveAttention, is so important.

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