AWS and SAP curate a vibrant and strategic partnership built over a decade of joint innovation. Enterprises worldwide trust both companies with mission-critical data because our combined offerings provide a powerful set of capabilities that give our customers greater visibility and control of their data.

This is particularly important and top of mind for customers since General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has gone into effect in Europe in 2018 and new data protection legislation has been passed in Brazil, California, India, and many other global regions. To help customers better manage data security and control issues, the SAP Data Custodian solution is now generally available for customers that run SAP applications on AWS. We are glad that early customers, including Brooks Brothers and HP, already rely on this software-as-a-service solution.

Like many other SAP and AWS customers, Brooks Brothers and HP have global offices, operations, and data that must comply with complex regulatory and data residency requirements. SAP Data Custodian can address these data protection and compliance challenges in the cloud, which gives customers further confidence to implement SAP and move more workloads to AWS. We listened to customers and would like to share a few voices that explain the value SAP Data Custodian brings to their companies.

Brooks Brothers will utilize capabilities of SAP Data Custodian and deep integrations with SAP HANA to further heighten the security of its SAP environments on AWS. Emmanuil Stergakis, SAP Basis Manager and Technology Architect, told us, “SAP Data Custodian for AWS will help us control access and comply with regulations for our global SAP on AWS deployments.”

HP plans to use SAP Data Custodian key management service, which provides an additional layer of protection to its SAP HANA deployments on AWS and offers full control over key life-cycle operations. “Confidence in our cloud strategy is reinforced by SAP Data Custodian’s contextual access controls across the stack,” said Letsa Semmelink, an SAP director.

To summarize, visibility is both a driver and governance prerequisite when protecting enterprise data assets. SAP Data Custodian places visibility at the heart of the solution and allows users to see where data is located, where it is moved, who accesses it, and where these accesses originate. Equipped with this knowledge, customers can utilize SAP Data Custodian to help prevent unauthorized data access, transfer, and storage. These are crucial elements to data protection, especially when customer data is shared across multiple solutions, systems, locations, and partner offerings.

Furthermore, the multi-cloud solution offers transparency, policy-control, and key management features that adapt to a range of regulations, business needs, and internal policies. Customers can define geolocation and role-based policies from a library of regulatory templates, which allows for greater clarity and faster movement toward compliance. SAP Data Custodian then enforces and continuously monitors these policies, provides risk and compliance reporting, and helps manage violations.

With the availability of SAP Data Custodian for joint customers, SAP and AWS show their commitment to providing customers with the highest level of transparency, governance, and regulatory compliance. By using the solution, customers will be able to take advantage of the key management service offered from SAP. Additionally, they can continue to use the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and integrate it with SAP Data Custodian in order to fully utilize the native integration for SAP HANA.

With this combination of features, we ensure the visibility, protection, and choice our customers require in today’s highly connected global business environment.