Model Company Interoperability: Assemble-to-Order Foundation for Business Success

When businesses unpack SAP Model Company services, they find a collection of best and next practices, resources, tools, end-to-end use case scenarios, and sample data.

Curated from a range of successful, real-life digital transformation projects, each asset is battle-tested, refined, and preconfigured to elevate the speed and success of future initiatives.

Independent analysts and customers have confirmed that using this model company toolbox increases the deployment and adoption speed of new technology investments. While delivering solutions with a higher fit-to-standard, it drives the ease and speed of decision-making and accelerates the discovery, preparation, exploration, and realization of innovation.

Transforming Preconfigured Practices Into a Unique Competitive Edge

SAP Model Company is designed to reflect the needs of a business on a single platform. Over time, the portfolio has expanded to address well-defined use case scenarios as well as technical, functional, and integration topics. Although every business has a unique vision, many model companies were beginning to pull resources and knowledge already packaged in a variety of other services.

After spending two years creating a library of model companies, SAP is in a unique position to blend together industry and line-of-business services. This interoperable, assemble-to-order approach allows its customers to build a custom edition model company that advances digital transformation and is implemented on a single platform.

A custom edition of SAP Model Company is based on a customer’s exact requirements. SAP subject-matter experts and back-office teams collaborate with business leadership to design, construct, deliver, and deploy assemble-to-order services with consistency, agility, and predictability.

An interoperable model company stack helps lower the total cost of operating the system landscape, scales partner engagement, simplifies commercialization of use case scenarios, and delivers an end-to-end solution. Based on a platform and extension concept, the package of consolidated services supports a plug-and-play approach for solution development and delivery with automated engineering tools, asset life-cycle governance, and phased change management.

Bring Consistency, Agility, Predictability to Business Transformation

At its core, SAP Model Company is comprised of configuration elements for defined processes, master data to run them, and test and demo scripts to support them. All of these components are bundled together – along with a business process hierarchy and diagram – at a scale that brings consistency, agility, and predictability to business transformation.

We have also set up a build and delivery center to manage the entire lifecycle – from assemble-to-order and build, to deployment of SAP Model Company services. The center, along with respective model company owners, is involved from the build stage of the model companies. In packaging configuration elements, test scripts, demo scripts, and ensuring readiness, SAP helps ensure the various model companies can be assembled and deployed in a short period of time based on customer needs.

Fast-Track and Simplify Digital Transformation

The interoperability of SAP Model Company presents an exciting opportunity to help customers accelerate and ease the evolution of their businesses. In many cases, customers prefer to explore the business impact of such efforts by using the SAP Business Scenario Recommendations service early in the exploration phase of their transitions to SAP S/4HANA. The findings from this service can deepen customers’ understanding of the interoperable capabilities of the model companies selected in order to enhance the benefits of their deployment of SAP S/4HANA.

The next generation of SAP Business Scenario Recommendations has been released. This update is designed to provide a better understanding how SAP S/4HANA can help customers achieve their unique business goals. The service provides insights into business process performance and benchmarks with industry peers, based on data from a customer’s current implementation of the SAP ERP application.  Customers can also determine the capabilities of their chosen model companies to serve as a substantial accelerator – all with a simple click on a link to review detailed documentation.

This level of support is focused on providing the freedom to adopt a combination of multiple interoperable model companies, packaged to meet unique needs, in a matter of weeks. More importantly, this service helps with bringing about a new era of proactive and future-proof innovation for businesses.

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Girish Kaimal is senior director and program lead for SAP Model Company Build and Delivery Center at SAP.