SAP Model Company, Trial Edition: Move Forward with Confidence, Not Hunches

Convenience may be paramount when purchasing new technologies and services, but it should never come at the expense of achieving goals. With the SAP Model Company, trial edition, customers can experience both when trying a model company service before purchasing it.

When considering new technology, businesses are evaluating much more than software. They are assessing how their future vision can be brought to life with outcomes that are sustainable, desirable, viable, and quickly achieveable. More importantly, businesses want to know that their new digital investment will deliver all that was promised by the provider.

Companies also want the services that support these digital investments to meet their expectations – or, even better, exceed them. There is a wide selection of accelerators, leading practices, processes, and deployment guides available.

How can an IT decision maker know, with certainty, that these resources provide the support and expertise necessary for a successful digital transformation? This question, often echoed in boardrooms all over the world, inspired SAP to package a trial edition of SAP Model Company services. Now, customers can find, test, and purchase the model company services they need to transform with confidence, rather than a series of hunches.

Why Try SAP Model Company Before Purchasing It?

The purpose behind the trial edition is similar to the purpose for having a dressing room in a retail store. Although the overhead lighting may be harsh, people always leave the room feeling better about their purchases because they know what they are getting, no matter the price point.

Test-driving a model company for 30 days also gives IT decision-makers similar feelings about their investments without the unflattering fluorescent lighting. For a nominal fee, ten of their users may evaluate the value of a chosen SAP Model Company service without being hampered by implementation costs, long-term contracts, and questionable risk.

However, this advantage of the trial edition is just the start. Here are three additional reasons why investing in this edition can be a profound moment during a company’s digital transformation:

1. Companies can experiment with services tailored to meet their unique needs

SAP Model Company, trial edition, provides access to a preassembled package of software, best practices, scenarios, content, and test scripts tailored to specific industries or line-of-business requirements.

Companies can experience the latest applications and best practices in the context of successful, real-life digital transformation projects. Resources can also be embedded into a cloud-based testing environment to determine how well they fit in a company’s overall transformation road map and business strategies.

2. Accelerate executive buy-in by making their expectations tangible

Once a trial edition offering is selected, SAP experts configure a package that works in an end-to-end, nonproductive model of SAP S/4HANA, hosted in the cloud by SAP. This testing environment is private, as it is not shared with other organizations and is removed from the cloud immediately once the 30-day trial is terminated or expired.

Hands-on experience allows executive teams to instantly gain the information and familiarity they need to make an informed buying decision. Teams can physically see what the service offers, which tools are beneficial, and how the overall business is impacted.

3. Test SAP Model Company with your business processes and data

By leveraging unique business processes and data, a company can evaluate the full potential of its chosen SAP Model Company service within the context of its operations, workplace culture, and value chain.

From lower costs and decreased risk to accelerated adoption during discovery, preparation, exploration, and realization activities, the promises of the SAP Model Company service will be transparent. All of this is done without impacting live systems and employee experience.

Augment Business Values and Innovation with SAP Model Company

One of the most challenging aspects of any digital initiative involves not knowing what is achievable with a new technology or service. For years, decision makers have relied on gut instincts, hunches, and even blind faith that their investments will deliver.

With the SAP Model Company, trial edition, businesses no longer need to experience the friction uncertainty causes when choosing a model company service. Instead, companies can determine whether a model company-driven approach will give its business the advantages promised – before officially committing to anything.

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Steve Mann is North America strategic solution director for SAP Model Company.