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The Results Are In: The New SAP MaxAttention Delivers on Customer Success

In the experience economy, the customer must be a driving force behind every innovation within a vendor’s portfolio. That is certainly the case at SAP, as customer feedback was what motivated the 2018 launch of the New SAP MaxAttention during SAPPHIRE NOW.

As customers continue to move from on-premise solutions to cloud and hybrid scenarios, SAP saw a growing need for a comprehensive service and support engagement model that provided guidance from implementation to continuous optimization. Feedback was taken seriously, and SAP MaxAttention was bolstered with:

  • End-to-end customized services that accommodate different needs and objectives
  • Integrated coverage of all SAP solutions and deployment scenarios – whether on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid
  • Hands-on advisory for innovation and transformation toward the Intelligent Enterprise
  • Access to SAP Transformation Hub for architecture best-practices and experts
  • A scalable model with various engagement levels that allow customers to consume services in ways that best support their changing or growing business needs

These enhanced services are delivered through a collaborative, dedicated, onsite team of SAP experts that provide an architecture point-of-view, tailored road map, and regular review meetings.

Customer Satisfaction Equals Success

Given that many SAP technologies are shaped based on customer feedback and needs, the best way to quantify the success of a new innovation is through customer success. After gauging customer feedback on the New SAP MaxAttention across industries, via surveys and ongoing communication, it is safe to say that the premium success offering has hit the mark in streamlining digital transformation initiatives.

“We’re running extremely well at this point, and I can tell you in the past we weren’t. With the New SAP MaxAttention team helping us, we were able to close all of those gaps. When we do have an issue, that team is actually on the hook with us, and they help us get through it.”

Executive Director, Financial Services*

“We have a good technical quality manager who organizes services very fast. For our IT organization, we have the main architects in place for the different business capabilities. They are very happy to have a counterpart on the SAP side who is also an enterprise architect. His connections, and his direct link to product owners and product road maps and technologies is very helpful.”

– Corporate IT Product Manager, Consumer Goods*

“I’ve got to be honest with you, since we’ve been doing several proofs-of-concept with the SAP S/4HANA implementation, the SAP team has been really crucial to the success of moving forward. Any of the issues we’ve had, they’ve been part of the team. They’ll get their engineers involved without us even asking, which is a really good success story for us. That’s the only reason we’re able to move forward, on time, with this project.”

– Executive Director, Financial*

“We save up to five percent annually on our operational support. If we can cut these high-priority issues down from taking three days to just hours, it makes a huge difference. We have some things where there is an initial solution, but then we look at the root cause. So, that helps with the repetitive issues.”

– IT Director, Technology*

“We’re looking at implementing more IoT and blockchain initiatives next year. The New SAP MaxAttention is helping us out in defining use cases that are significant to our industry. Our SAP MaxAttention plans next year include opportunities where we can possibly use the co-innovation services and the road mapping services that SAP offers.”

– Director for Enterprise Business Solutions, Retail*

Proof is in the Numbers

By streamlining operations, facilitating , reducing risk, and providing customized road maps, the New SAP MaxAttention has produced measurable results for customers.

SAP recently commissioned “The Total Economic Impact Of The New SAP MaxAttention.” The October 2019 study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, analyzes the potential benefits and return on investments (ROI) that enterprises may realize by leveraging the SAP MaxAttention offering.

Customers interviewed as part of this study all agreed that the main result of the improvements provided through the New SAP MaxAttention is a higher degree of success with digital transformation initiatives. Success appears in the form of faster innovation, smoother implementation, lower operational costs, and increased business benefits provided through the investment. As a result, risk-adjusted benefits of $13.2 million over three years, versus costs of $4.5 million, add up to the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Return on investment of 194 percent
  • Payback period of less than six months

Furthermore, organizations surveyed indicated a 15 percent increase in average project ROI through latest premium success engagement from SAP.

Digging deeper into the value that the New SAP MaxAttention provides, the study also shows that customers are taking advantage of the holistic engagement model. Results show they have experienced 20 percent-faster innovation cycles and 30 percent-faster implementation rates. These rates are especially important as customers work with their technical quality manager team to identify opportunities for upgrading to the latest SAP innovations, such as SAP S/4HANA.

The proactive support approach provided by the New SAP MaxAttention has helped deliver increased stability – as indicated by an overall 20 percent reduction in support issues, and 30 percent faster incident resolution, on average.

For more information about the benefits and details on the positive financial impact derived from the New SAP MaxAttention, register for free and download a complementary copy of the study, and listen to the recording of the TEI webinar presented by SAP and featuring Forrester here: www.sap.com/MaxAttention-TEI.

SAP is incredibly pleased with the ROI and customer satisfaction outlined in Forrester’s latest study on the New SAP MaxAttention, but is not stopping there. Similar to the way that this premium success engagement is helping SAP users evolve into intelligent enterprises, staying abreast of customer feedback helps SAP produce innovative solutions and upgrades that keep businesses one step ahead of the curve.

To learn more about the latest SAP MaxAttention developments, or explore how your business can benefit from its newest version, visit the SAP MaxAttention area of sap.com.

Silvio Bessa is senior vice president and head of Premium Customer Success and SAP MaxAttention, SAP Digital Business Services.

*The Total Economic Impact™ Of The New SAP MaxAttention, an October 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP