As the company’s free knowledge platform, openSAP provides high-quality learning content to anyone worldwide who wants to gain the latest knowledge about SAP solutions. With a learner satisfaction rate of 99 percent, it must be doing something right!

Because times change and learning needs evolve, openSAP is introducing openSAP Microlearning, short, bite-sized videos to complement learners’ existing knowledge on SAP products.

Michaela Laemmler and Clemens Link from openSAP are always listening to learners and meeting with other learning professionals across different industries to stay informed on the latest learning trends. Both have identified the need for a complementary format and are impressed with the work by colleagues from SAP Customer Experience enablement portal in sharing short videos that focus on SAP C/4HANA with the world.

“We see the need at openSAP for bite-sized content to complement the learning offerings that we currently have – the MOOCs,” said Laemmler. “New information comes so fast. We need to get that out to the ecosystem quickly, and sometimes there’s not enough content to create a whole course.”

The two also recognized the potential to collaborate and bring learners an additional learning offering, which will complement existing massive open online courses (MOOCs) on openSAP by providing a way to upskill on small updates to products showcased on the platform.

Jacek Konopelski from SAP Customer Experience, remarked, “This is where microlearning comes in. It helps us to get the content to busy professionals quickly. By bringing the ‘Enable CX’ content to openSAP Microlearning, learners can find it all in one place. They can decide if they want to watch a short video or take a complete course.”

openSAP Microlearning is now available. Initially, content will be related to SAP C/4HANA, with plans to include additional topics in the future. Find out more in the following video:

Visit the openSAP Microlearning website to learn more.