The SAP Sports One solution was recently honored with three awards — a record number — at the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019, one of the most prestigious international design awards in the world.

At the ceremony in Berlin, SAP was recognized for the SAP Match Insights solution and SAP Challenger Insights mobile app, as well as for the new tactic insights application, which was recently announced at the SAP Sports and Entertainment Forum 2019 in Berlin.

The Red Dot is awarded to the best in design and business. Excellent design is selected by competent expert juries. This year, designers, agencies, and companies from 54 countries entered 8,697 brand and communication design works for consideration.

“Customer experience is our focus with SAP Sports One,” said Fadi Naoum, head of Sports and Entertainment at SAP. “Our designers and product owners are applying design thinking in bringing together the best user experience for the end user.”

Taking Team Management to the Next Level

The simple design of SAP Sports One is a game-changer in its ease-of-use. It keeps any complexity away from the professional soccer player while helping teams build and plan strategies, communicate in-game tactical changes, and deliver intuitive, up-to-the-minute insights on the opponent. By understanding and focusing on the needs of end users, the design team for sports and entertainment at SAP is developing and delivering a simplified, smart user experience.

SAP Sports One takes professional sports team management to the next level. Available for soccer, ice hockey, basketball, handball, skiing, and rugby, the solution helps clubs and organizations digitalize sports performance management by coordinating all administrative team management, fitness and training management, scouting, match analysis, and tactical insights processes.

As part of the SAP Sports One family, SAP Match Insights support teams in analyzing and exchanging relevant game data. The video cockpit offers access to videos, data, and information on training sequences. With the modern interface, users can quickly recognize and analyze content on any mobile device. Analysts and coaches can provide players with easy access to personalized information and videos from their mobile devices. In addition, the logically structured, appealing interface supports optimal workflow with minimal need for user interaction.

Screenshot: SAP Match Insights

Also part of SAP Sports One, SAP Challenger Insights is a mobile app that provides professional soccer coaches, analysts, and players with data and insights into opponents’ tactics and characteristics. A tactics board feature provides comprehensive variants for visualizing and explaining match tactics, set pieces, and team formations. All components are designed to encourage users to playfully interact with them and find relevant information and videos at the touch of a button.

Screenshot: SAP Challenger Insights

Tactic insights is a new component of SAP Sports One that enables clubs to quickly find relevant scenes from one or more games and instantly analyze them. The tactical aspects of soccer have become increasingly important in recent years. Coaches and match analysts put great effort into observing and analyzing the various data sources of a game. The next logical step is to use technological innovations – especially those from the fields of data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning – to simplify and accelerate this process. Tactic insights fulfills these needs with great design, ease-of-use, speed, and efficiency.

Screenshot: Tactic InsightsPreviously, SAP Sports One was honored with the renowned iF Design Gold Award in 2017, and earned a special mention at the German Design Awards.

Sven Schwerin-Wenzel is a senior development manager for SAP Sports and Entertainment.