The global tech industry evolves and expands each year as companies, and their people, collaborate to create and operate innovative technologies. To advance alongside the industry, business leaders must frequently ask themselves, “Where to next?”

SAP intends to answer this question at this year’s Web Summit. Taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, the conference will host more than 1,200 speakers from leading companies across 23 stages. Speakers will address topics in thought leadership spanning from company strategies to leading innovations.

Attendance reached 70,000 during the 2018 summit, as attendees from over 160 countries had the opportunity to witness presentations that catered to businesses of all sizes, types, and stages of growth.

This year, the summit will commence with presentations given by thought leaders from breakout startups that are projected to gain traction and attention on their way to becoming industry leaders in 2020. Representatives from various companies will take the stage and speak on the early-stage startup experience.

Voicing a Collective Message

All speakers will structure their presentations around this year’s theme: “The future of business has feelings.”

SAP understands that garnering the highest customer satisfaction and inspiring successful employee experiences start with establishing strong rapport and conveying positivity around offers and products. Leaders from SAP will center their discussions around the idea that businesses cannot succeed and differentiate themselves solely through the features of their products.

In an experience economy, addressing customer needs is key to business success. SAP consistently integrates new technology in its operational processes in order to help customers grow their companies, innovate, address consumer needs, and establish themselves as intelligent enterprises.

Businesses must understand that a significant disparity exists between how executives think customers feel about their products and services and how they are actually perceived. As technology advances, these services become faster, more navigable, and personalized. New technologies are making it easier for businesses to manage their experiences with their customers, employees, products, and brands. As a result, customer experience improves as concerns are addressed quickly and more accurately.

SAP Speaks at Web Summit

Adaire Fox-Martin, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Global Customer Operations, will participate on a panel at the keynote stage on Tuesday, November 5. Fox-Martin will tailor her discussion toward creating and expressing core company values to customers and employees. She will also speak at the SaaS Monster Theater and describe the company’s journey with cloud technology.

Alicia Tillman, global chief marketing officer of SAP, will participate in a session at the Panda Conference area, serve on a Future Societies panel, and speak at the Corporate Innovation summit. Tillman will discuss how to manage and fulfill the expectations of customers and employees as the experience economy becomes increasingly demanding.

SAP Stand and Interactive Events

The SAP stand (#E350) will showcase advanced interactive technologies. Presenters and employees will collaborate with attendees to help them understand how technology shapes the futures of businesses, communities, and the world. Attendees can learn more about IoT solutions from SAP, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Cloud Platform by engaging with an interactive basketball data court exhibit. Visitors will also be able to tour the esports showcase, where they can learn how SAP solutions, such as SAP HANA and SAP Leonardo machine learning, have helped Team Liquid to gain virtual, business, and global success.

To learn more about SAP’s activities on-site, visit the SAP at Web Summit 2019 website.