Talenthouse Campaign: What Would Berlin Look Like Without SAP?

Did you know that 85 percent of the world’s pet food, 77 percent of its beer, and 78 percent of its food is made and or distributed by SAP customers? Furthermore, in the energy industry, all of Germany’s most successful power suppliers work with SAP solutions.

So what would a major city like Berlin look like without SAP?

This question was the focus of a recent art contest, “Capture SAP’s Processes That Make Berlin Go Round” in which participants were invited to come up with creative visual answers centered on one or more of these five categories: dog and pet food, food, beer and convenience stores, electricity, and fashion.

The contest, organized by SAP in Berlin and Talenthouse, a leading online global community for creators, required entrants to create a GIF or static image inspired by one or more of the five categories. From a total of 370 entries, works by the following six artists were selected: Elena Maykhrych, Sabine Voigt, Romans Feduns Etianen, Gabor Filkor, Luis Espíritu, and José Ramírez. The artists were awarded funds from a €10,000 incentive pool. Participants with chosen GIFs were awarded €2,000; chosen static images €1,000.

What is the Talenthouse platform?

Talenthouse is a leading international online community for creators. Based in Berlin, it was set up as a creative hub for musicians, photographers, graphic designers, multimedia artists, fashion designers, and other creative professions. Connecting more than 3 million users, Talenthouse makes artists more visible to potential customers, and it is also serves as a platform that brands can use to contact creators directly as part of their product development process.

By taking part in Talenthouse projects, creators can significantly increase their followers. By competing, they increase their chances of recognition. The platform makes art accessible to people all over the world and encourages them to interact by inviting them to award “likes.” In some respects, one could even say that Talenthouse is helping to democratize art.

What is a GIF?

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is the image format that has conquered the internet and is still widely used on websites. A relic of the digital “stone age,” the GIF was invented by Steve Wilhite in 1987 – before the World Wide Web existed. GIFs store multiple images in a small file and play them in a continuous loop.

Over time, this “digital flip book” format evolved into a ubiquitous means of communication; enjoying a considerable boom as the volume of social network interactions grew. Whether GIFs appear on Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram: they are everywhere. They are firmly established in pop culture and are even becoming art forms.

But what is a GIF designed to convey? Emotions. It does so by compressing the complex structures that make up thoughts and feelings into code. This makes them instantly perceivable and real for others.

Learn more about the winning artists and their works: