SAP for Me: Your Personal Digital Companion

By now we all know that the amount of digital data at our fingertips is countless and only continues to increase. However, while access to data is now widespread, organizations are still wasting many hours sifting through it all to find exactly what they need.

Finding the right information is only one part of challenge; another is finding ways to holistically turn data into real, actionable insights that help leaders make better business decisions. More than ever, IT leaders are looking to integrate digital solutions that can wrangle this data and use it to help drive innovation, support operational excellence, and personalize customer service.

From there, the ultimate question becomes: how can companies help make this process as simple and easy as possible?

Serving Different Information Needs

When looking at how to best support these decision makers, we must look more closely at the always-evolving IT roles accountable for this data, to understand what information those individuals need to be successful today. Companies are seeing a blurring of traditional roles and emergence of new organizational roles that are intended to drive digital transformation and set up custom paths to becoming intelligent enterprises.

In light of this, IT services and support organizations – like the team at SAP – must cater to different information needs and provide business decision makers with customized insights needed to not only perform specific day-to-day tasks, but to influence the evolution of organizations.

Consider the introduction of the enterprise architect, a newer role that requires a holistic overview of data to make high-level business decisions. The evolution of such organizational IT roles has prompted SAP to introduce SAP for Me, a digital assistant that provides increased transparency across all SAP solutions, with relevant insights, guidance to relevant actions, and simplified engagement with SAP.

Your Personal Digital Companion

Just as mobile device customers expect carriers to provide intelligent insights into their mobile and data usage, as well as guidance on whether to alter or renew their contracts, SAP for Me provides similar insights and guidance to its own customers regarding contracts, licenses, and adoption of solutions. Through context-specific key metrics and alerts, the intelligent home screen in SAP for Me provides customers at-a-glance insights into their SAP solution portfolios.

With the launch of SAP for Me, SAP is now capable of providing insights like never before. While existing support tools provide specific information around a solution, SAP for Me provides customers a complete picture. The tool essentially serves as a central gateway, aggregating all data in an easy consumable way through customer-specific information, recommendations, and self-services – via one single and personalized entry point. Consolidating each customer’s needs in one place, the portal eliminates the search for disparate and dispersed information. SAP for Me also serves as a launchpad, directing customers towards other support tools if necessary.

Spearheading Innovation and Transformation

Breakthru Beverage Group, a leading wine and spirits distributor in North America, is looking for ways to be more efficient and stay ahead of its innovation demands. With a robust software landscape, the company hopes to accelerate its evolution to an intelligent enterprise by increasing efficiency among its employees, freeing up their time to focus on company innovation.

Breakthru Beverage adopted the SAP for Me portal to provide a comprehensive overview of its software all in one place and to keep its employees up to date at all times. Employees will be able to more easily gather the relevant information they need to perform their daily tasks — from the ability to spot possibilities for reimaging business processes to revealing new relationship management approaches to improve customer experiences and identifying key SAP contacts for easy access to expert help.

Time spent looking for version numbers, maintenance schedules, release notes, and cloud services is transferred to more strategic projects. With SAP for Me, users can organize those items in one place, gain back time, and move confidently into a bright future.

SAP for Me is made for you

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SAP for Me is made for you

Meeting All Information Needs, Simply

SAP for Me is currently running as an open beta version and is planned for general availability in the second quarter of 2020. At SAPPHIRE NOW, users will be able to see improvements and new features. Available to on-premise and cloud customers with valid contracts, SAP for Me will continue to provide an intelligent, digital model that meets all customers’ information needs, simply.