Next week, join the compelling Business Technology Experience online event and hear how companies can thrive now with today’s technology — and innovate to thrive tomorrow.

Along with the latest leading-edge technology, the event is also about how to turn data into true business value to keep businesses moving forward while becoming more resilient for the future.

Timo Elliott, innovation evangelist at SAP, will speak about using today’s business technology to ensure “Resilience in the Present.” Martin Wezowski, chief designer and futurist at SAP, will close the session by discussing how to be “Prepared for the Future.” There will also be a “Learn from the Leaders” session, with Johanna Botta presenting what business leaders, renowned analysts, and experts have to say about today’s latest business technology trends.

These three 10-minute briefings, each packed with valuable knowledge, can equip businesses with key insights.

Resilience in the Present

What are the most important trends, challenges, and opportunities in technology today? Elliott will explain how organizations can stay relevant in the present while reinventing themselves for the future.

We will look at the role of people, customers, suppliers, and technology in keeping a business running successfully. We will also consider how an effective business technology platform can help businesses achieve five key goals:

  • Extract value from your data for reliable insights: Know what is going on in your business and understand your industry and the wider economy.
  • Act on those insights: Once you understand the full context of what is happening, you can make the best decisions on what to address first.
  • Employ automation in the smartest way possible: Make the most of your limited resources by blending them with the latest technologies.
  • Build flexibility into your business: React with the necessary agility to whatever the future brings and innovate for maximum success.
  • Reinvent your business whenever necessary: React to changing business models and opportunities to work in new, more effective ways.

Learn from the Leaders

Botta will then present testimony from a broad spectrum of senior-level people who have direct experience using these technologies to create business value for their customers. She will present real-life examples of the many organizations already delivering valuable customer and employee experiences – in real time and based on real data.

Prepared for the Future

Finally, Wezowski will discuss the implications of all of this for tomorrow. How can businesses prepare for the future? Why is it important to have a strong vision and purpose? For instance, what does it mean to a business when Elon Musk launches rockets in his bid to reach Mars? You may think it means nothing, but it is all part of a bigger plan and all connected to your “purpose.”

Discover how the very latest intelligent technologies are going to change things – and us – in ways that we cannot yet even imagine. When that starts to happen, learn why it is the businesses that build the strongest relationships that succeed.

Technology will be important, but human creativity will always be the competitive edge. The latest intelligence calls for a whole new way of thinking about what we do.

This all starts with data, and it all starts now. Join the Business Technology Experience online event and discover how for yourself. Register here for the online events April 28-30.