When dealing with an unrelenting crisis or redefining disruption, executive leadership skills are often put to the test. The ability to react as fast as possible to safeguard the business calls for fast response and innovation with a clear understanding of the current situation, risk, and opportunity.

This summer, we offered an inside look into how SAP helps companies worldwide face today’s challenges and plan for tomorrow’s opportunities. The series featured 12 essential business services that SAP delivers completely off-site. The services enable front- and back-office functions, including customer engagement, inventory optimization, procurement, finance visibility, self-healing IT workflows, cybersecurity, remote work enablement, and supply chain automation.

The series features SAP executives across a broad range of responsibilities and experiences:

  1. How to Govern Procurement and Spend for an Off-Site Workforce: Traditional approaches to procurement and spend management were never created for a remote and distributed workforce. But businesses can now redefine the function to meet the needs of employees on- and off-site with an accelerated implementation service from SAP. (By Michiel Verhoeven, managing director, the United Kingdom and Ireland, SAP.)
  2. Leading Customer Experience with Creative Thinking and Attentive Care: Businesses everywhere understand the urgency of accelerating their response to evolving customer behaviors, needs, mindsets, and emotions. With Experience Management solutions from SAP and Qualtrics, they can face this challenge resiliently by capturing, consolidating, and acquiring real-time insights with predictive analytics and algorithm-based intelligence. (By Maggie Buggie, chief business officer of SAP Services, SAP.)
  3. Fast, Flexible, and Transparent: R&D Upgrades for a World of Demand Uncertainty: A single source of knowledge and processes helps R&D leaders accelerate product introduction, improve innovation flexibility, and increase transparency across operations. Many SAP customers are acquiring this edge through off-site services for product lifecycle management. (By Peter Harkin, senior vice president and head of Premium Engagements, SAP.)
  4. Overwhelming Consumer Shift to E-Commerce Reveals New Opportunities: The secret to a high-quality e-commerce experience is best realized with the online e-commerce traffic performance assessment service from SAP. The expert-guided offering helps pinpoint and reduce inefficiencies in commerce sites running in the cloud. (By Augusta Spinelli, head of Global Services and Support, South Europe, Middle East, and Africa, SAP.)
  5. Predictive Financial Planning: How to Lift the Fog of Uncertainty?: Navigating uncertainty requires a coherent finance strategy that reduces the impact of economic disruption while maintaining business continuity and stability. Fortunately, with the financial planning and analysis service from SAP such an advantage is within our customers’ reach. (By Hervé Sortais, senior vice president and head of Services, EMEA North, SAP.)
  6. Collaboration Platforms: A Lifeline of Streamlined Communication for Stranded Employees: The simplified communication and remote workforce support service offers an edge that businesses need to face disruption. Operational costs are lower and operations pivot and scale faster, thanks to access to content and collaboration in the office or on the go. (By Maria Gattuso, global vice president, Strategic Initiatives and Services Management Office of the President, SAP.)
  7. Inventory Optimization: Improving Services with Right-Sized Stock Levels: As digital supply chain solutions become more intelligent, manufacturers can benefit from short-term forecasting with inventory optimization services. Doing so opens a world of accurate insight into inventory replenishment and allocation based on actual demand. (By Guido Schlief, senior vice president and general manager, Customer Success, Middle and Eastern Europe, SAP.)
  8. The Key to Gaining Better Control of Your End-to-End Supply Chain: Smart, agile supply chains are vital when building resilient operations that can weather uncertainty. But to better control the entire value chain, businesses also need to rebalance their capacity load – from safety stocks to fully integrated communication with suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). ( By Guido Schlief.)
  9. Automated Self-Healing: Building Business Resilience with Intelligent Processes: With increasing pressure to do more with fewer people, lower budgets, and less time, businesses need their IT leaders to deliver a user experience that is accessible, fast, and high quality. The business operations self-healing service from SAP helps deliver that with automation. (By Kurt Bauer, general manager, SAP Services, Greater China, SAP.)
  10. Accelerated Learning Management System Implementation: Adapting Workforce Skills for Business Recovery: With the accelerated implementation service for SAP SuccessFactors Learning, companies are energizing a learning curve that helps ensure success in challenging times and paves the way to growth and profitability during better economic conditions. (By Maria Gattuso.)
  11. As Cyberattacks Spread, Consider if You’ve Built a Strong Enough Line of Defense: With an increase in remote workforces, businesses need to be more aware of potential cyberattacks, data breaches, and information loss. Now, they can acquire this visibility, as well as safeguard support, through the cybersecurity and compliance awareness service from SAP. (By Augusta Spinelli.)
  12. Are You Ready to Respond to the Next Crisis Quickly?: When facing a crisis, businesses can either simply survive it or embrace it with resilience to advance their capabilities. The quick-start implementation service for SAP Cloud Platform allows our customers to take advantage of every complex uncertainty on their terms. (By Hervé Sortais.)

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