Renault do Brasil Redefines Car Buying Online and On Demand with SAP Commerce Cloud

When people think Renault, images of cars and vans driving through the streets of Paris usually come to mind. What they may not know is that Groupe Renault has been operating in Latin American for 65 years. A market leader in the region, this iconic automobile manufacturer has a multinational presence in more than 130 countries, including plants in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

Ever since Louis Renault invented the direct drive gear, the Renault brand has been synonymous with innovation. From the first four-wheel disc brake system in the 1960s to a real-time system for location and weather information back in 1988, the company has always been on the cutting edge. Over the past decade, Renault has stayed true to its reputation by introducing various all-electric concept cars, making it a leader in the European electric car market.

Now, Groupe Renault’s Brazilian subsidiary, Renault do Brasil, is embarking on a new type of transformation. Not only is it revolutionizing the vehicles we drive, it is redefining the way we buy and use those vehicles on a daily basis — bringing the entire process online and offering products and services on demand.

In a world where consumers can buy just about anything from their smartphones, Renault do Brasil saw the opportunity to bring that same level of convenience to car buying. With that in mind, it worked with the SAP Customer Experience Services organization to build the world’s first automotive e-commerce platform using SAP Commerce Cloud solutions. The idea was to radically transform the customer experience by removing all the hassles of buying at a dealership.

Once it had migrated to the latest version of SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Customer Experience Services helped the Renault team navigate technical issues and take full advantage of solution’s capabilities. It also supported integration with Renault’s back-end SAP ERP and SAP Customer Relationship Management applications, as well as with more than 15 other systems. In fact, the collaboration was so effective and SAP Commerce Cloud was so simple and flexible to deploy that the first version of the e-commerce platform was rolled out in just 44 days. Now, interactions between customers and the back office are highly automated — allowing consumers to browse and select everything from make, model, features, financing options, pick-up, and maintenance scheduling from anywhere. Plus, with dealer and stock information available in real time, you can literally buy a Renault 24×7.

Within three months of launching the new e-commerce platform, Renault do Brasil sold more than 5,000 vehicles, and daily sales continue to rise. Platform monitoring shows that customers are staying on the site or app for more than six minutes on average and taking advantage of simulation and car configuration tools. As time goes on, the site’s bounce rate, which is currently just 30%, continues to drop — proving that customers are loving the new online buying experience. And, with so many options at customers’ fingertips, Renault is seeing a clear increase in microconversions from site visit to checkout. In fact, when COVID-19 shut down dealerships across the country, the e-commerce platform was the only way for customers to buy Renault for nearly a month and a half, which meant buyers could stay safe while maintaining business resilience.

Renault do Brasil’s IT team is also thrilled with the new platform. Because SAP Commerce Cloud makes it so simple to update and configure the site, marketing teams can make adjustments on their own, without relying on IT or third-party partner services. And because of the solution’s ease of deployment and scalability, Renault has the option to quickly customize and roll out online buying to multiple regions.

But as usual, Renault’s innovation does not stop there.

With SAP Commerce Cloud, Renault do Brasil is revolutionizing its entire business model to increase brand loyalty and personalize the customer experience with its new “zero car” on-demand subscription service. Now, not only can you get the exact car you want online, you can pay for a one-to-two-year plan with varying mileage packages, depending on how much you drive. The subscription includes all the required vehicle documentation and insurance as well as maintenance and roadside assistance, and, of course, it can all be finalized online. In short, you no longer just buy a Renault — you enter into a trusted, sustainable partnership that offers you the personalized driving experience you need while keeping Renault profitable for the long haul.

Together with SAP, Renault do Brasil is taking car buying to the next level.

To find out more, read the study, Renault Brasil: How Does an Innovative E-Commerce Platform Support Next-Level Customer Experiences?, and see how SAP Commerce Cloud can help revolutionize your customer buying experience.