A New Chapter for SAP Learning: Empowering Careers and Cultivating Skills for the Future


We talk about it regularly: in the next decade, more than a billion workers will require reskilling. At the core of this tectonic shift in work is the integration of software-enabled innovation into every business process. SAP is the backbone of this change – it’s why we see massive demand for SAP skills across our customer environments and partner ecosystem. Those who can leverage SAP to deliver flexibility and harness opportunity are the instigators of innovation.

At SAP, we know that it’s a big responsibility to ensure that this knowledge is pervasive. That’s why we also recognize the need to simplify the act of reskilling. Our increasingly busy schedules and the fast pace of our day-to-day work often pull us away from learning. It’s not easy to find time to sharpen our skills and learn new ones.

So, when you do make time to focus on your learning, the process of finding the right material should be simple and streamlined – and the content comprehensive. At SAP Learning, we’ve reinforced our commitment to removing barriers to learning by making it simpler to discover our content and easier to navigate our platforms.

Because success is rooted in learning, it’s critical to have all the support you need right at your fingertips to move forward easily and consistently.

Empowering the Individual Learner

Today’s learners demand a personalized experience to cultivate their skills. Almost every individual with an Internet connection has been introduced to the ease of consumer-grade applications – and we know that learning content competes with every distraction. To that end, it is critical to create engaging content and offer enjoyable experiences that empower individuals at every stage of their career and learning journey. Therefore, SAP Learning is taking a new approach to delivering a digitally native and learner-focused experience.

As part of our ongoing and reimagined commitment to enhancing learning opportunities, we’ve launched an all-new SAP Learning site that includes a comprehensive array of learning content available in various formats – from expert-led sessions and hands-on training to microlearning videos. By opening the door to accessible opportunities for everyone to upskill, reskill, and validate SAP skills, we are focusing squarely on the success of our ecosystem and meeting our learners where they are. After all, learning should make your life easier, not more complicated.New SAP Learning site

We’re proud of the progress we’re making. We also look forward to hearing more feedback from our community so we can bring continuous improvement to our operations.

Equipping for the Needs of Tomorrow

Designed to be simple and intuitive to navigate, the SAP Learning site will become the one-stop-shop that brings together the expansive portfolio of well-established SAP learning offerings. With our SAP TechEd releases, learners in development roles as well as future developers can quickly start and gain SAP skills in core innovation areas and prepare for an SAP Certification at no cost. The site features access to various free content for upskilling with SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), including a brand-new learning journey focused on how to develop low-code/no-code applications.

We’re also partnering with Placement, a career coaching service provider, so that the first 1,000 developers who complete a certification exam on SAP BTP through the new site will receive a voucher for services like résumé review, LinkedIn screening, and career coaching. And now through November 2022, all registered learners on the SAP Learning site can utilize select services from Placement as well as enjoy access to Placement’s Job Board at a discounted price.

Looking to the future, the site will continue to support all learners’ career development and accelerate broader organizational transformations by extending the scope to include all free SAP Learning content. For more details, watch the video or check out the new site on your own.

It’s never been easier to get started building and achieving SAP skills – and it’s only the beginning for this new chapter of SAP Learning.

Max Wessel is EVP and chief learning officer at SAP.