The SAP Customer Experience organization is taking another leap forward in its ability to help businesses deliver predictable, profitable revenue growth and highly personalized omnichannel experiences. With the new account engagement option for SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement clients, businesses can effortlessly unify their marketing and sales efforts to accelerate sales performance and generate more revenue.

We’ve seen how, in today’s fast-paced, digital-first world, the demands placed on sales and marketing teams are greater than ever and buyer expectations are at an all-time high. This makes successful account engagement critical.

The problem is that sales and marketing teams selling to businesses are often operating separately from each other, using siloed tech stacks to manage buyer engagement. Having disconnected systems brings about a host of technical, data, and process barriers that reduce speed to market, limit personalization, hinder growth and revenue, and, most importantly, degrade the customer experience.

On top of this, sales teams are having to navigate exceedingly complex sales cycles that often involve buying centers with distinct consideration sets and buyer journeys that extend across multiple digital and physical touch points. Meanwhile, marketers are being tasked to drive more revenue for the business, prove their impact, and provide more relevant one-to-one experiences — all with less budget and resources.

By introducing the account engagement option, we are helping businesses solve these challenges and eliminate barriers within their organization. With our unified solutions, sales and marketing teams will be able to collaboratively execute account engagement strategies at scale, resulting in more seamless customer experiences and better business results.

Solving Common Challenges with a Unified Solution

Sales and marketing teams have their respective goals, but they also have shared goals of engaging and converting more customers, increasing customer lifetime value, and driving revenue for the business.

Through two-way native integration between SAP Sales Cloud and the account engagement option for SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement, sales and marketing teams can act upon a unified, single view of their accounts and business contacts. With a shared view of the customer, teams can better align their account engagement strategies to accelerate sales cycles, improve closure rates, and increase customer lifetime value. This ultimately helps solve the broader business goals of growth and revenue.

Collaborative account engagement has unique, positive benefits for sales and marketing teams respectively; whether you’re in sales or marketing, collaborative account engagement is all upside.

How SAP Customer Experience Brings Value to Sales and Marketing Teams

How will account engagement help sales and marketing teams? What will it provide for businesses?

Teams using this option will be able to integrate SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement with SAP Sales Cloud, allowing them to bring together their data, process, and user experiences, and benefit from:

  • Integrated, fully aligned sales and marketing account engagement
  • Improved account segmentation and targeting
  • Collaborative campaign development and execution
  • More scalable, marketing-led, one-to-one sales interactions
  • Pre-built strategies and tactics that accelerate time to market
  • Real-time customer insights that drive real-time engagement
  • Reporting and analytics to view and measure marketing’s impact on sales

Marketing teams will continue to benefit from the speed, simplicity, and scale that SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement offers them, while sales teams will gain improved collaboration and visibility into marketing campaigns without having to leave SAP Sales Cloud, which means sales, marketing, and the whole business win.

Learn More About the Benefits of Collaborative Account Engagement

SAP Customer Experience is all about helping businesses make each customer experience they deliver matter. It is also about providing integrated solutions that drive customer growth and revenue at any scale. This account engagement option propels us further on this path by helping businesses achieve their business-critical goals while also enabling sales and marketing teams to work smarter, more efficiently, and more collaboratively to deliver exceptional experiences.

To learn more about the power of collaborative account engagement, read “Frenemies No More: Sales and Marketing Align for B2B Success.” And to learn more about how the account engagement option for SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement helps clients accelerate performance and generate more revenue, read the solution brief.

Joanna Milliken is CEO of SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement.