A few weeks ago, SAP Spend Connect Live brought together spend management and supply chain professionals from across the globe to learn, collaborate, and network after several years riddled with disruption and uncertainty. As I reflect on the incredible interactions and inspiring stories shared between both customers and colleagues alike, I am energized by the importance of connection, both personally and professionally, and why we do what we do at SAP.

One of the highlights of SAP Spend Connect Live for me was my conversation with food and beverage giant PepsiCo and leading packaging supplier Van Genechten Packaging onstage. I had the privilege to host this conversation that showcased a real supplier-buyer relationship between Damian Shanks, global procurement process owner at PepsiCo, and Marc Büttgenbach, chief commercial officer at Van Genechten.

On the buyer side, PepsiCo values the digital connectivity with its suppliers that SAP Business Network provides, enabling efficiency and precision that would otherwise be buried in manual processes. Because of this digitalization, it can proactively address problems before they become major disruptions. Meanwhile, Van Genechten cites the scalability and real-time collaboration capabilities on the network. Being a B2B supplier on SAP Business Network has allowed Van Genechten to handle more data with the same number of people, while real-time collaboration strengthens buyer-supplier relationships.

It was incredibly meaningful to showcase an example of the importance of sourcing and collaborating with trading partners efficiently, and how both companies use SAP Business Network to collaborate with the best partners for their business needs. Business networks are essential to identifying and building relationships with the trading partners that make the most sense for your business. SAP Business Network is a powerful tool that helps connect buyers and suppliers, allowing them to collaborate in facing today’s supply chain disruptions, geopolitical challenges, and shifting consumer behavior.

From Slow, Manual Processes to Visibility, Best-in-Class Analytics, and Collaboration

The “business network” is not a new concept. But until recently, many of these networks were driven by telephones, sleepy fax machines, and jammed printers – not to mention the manual processes required to keep communication between partners from going stale. SAP Business Network can address these pain points while providing best-in-class analytics and insights services, so you can be confident when choosing and collaborating with trading partners, regardless of what the future holds.

Recent years have proven that intelligent, digital business networks are a necessity for creating and supporting agile, ready-for-anything supply chains. Relying on outdated manual processes for collaborating with suppliers and buyers is the easiest way to fall behind your competition. It’s time to make the switch to a truly intelligent network while staying true to your core business principles. With the unified trading partner portal of SAP Business Network, it has never been easier to find the best-fit partners to create transparent, sustainable, and resilient supply chains.

Today, it isn’t enough just to ensure visibility within your own company. It is also essential to have an unobstructed view across your entire trading partner network. We heard from our customers that SAP Business Network integration into their core business apps – brought together with the right supplier adoption programs – allows them to streamline their processes and gain visibility and resiliency like never before.

Between comprehensive coverage, in-depth intelligent insights, and supplier adoption expertise, SAP has the biggest market share in procurement and supply chain collaboration networks for a reason. But we won’t stop here. With solutions for all spend types and digital supply chain management, SAP’s vision is to create the world’s largest B2B marketplace. I want to see our customers realize the benefits of intelligent, networked enterprises. SAP’s experience, scale, and commitment to innovation provide the tools to do just that.

With 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touching SAP software, we have the scale, expertise, and experience necessary to unify networks with a customer-first mentality. SAP Business Network has the tools to help you prepare your business for volatility that, as we have learned in recent years, is all but inevitable.

Take this as inspiration to future-proof your partner collaboration. Now is the time to assess your trading partner relationships and identify logistics challenges, especially looking ahead to 2023.

Today, US$4.9 trillion of business is transacted through SAP Business Network. With a proven track record, constant innovation, and an impressive product road map, it is the future of collaborative supply networks. Learn more about how you can use SAP Business Network to fulfill your company’s vision.

Experience SAP Spend Connect Live Virtually

If you were not able to join us in Dallas, check out the SAP Spend Connect Live virtual experience. This on-demand forum will share recordings of the keynotes and select breakout sessions from the event. It will also feature additional, recorded sessions not seen at SAP Spend Connect Live.

Val Blatt is global head for SAP Business Network Customer Success & Go-to-Market at SAP.
This story originally appeared on LinkedIn.