21st Century CIO Makeover: The Reveal

Radiocasts | February 29, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Tech leaders with a traditional CIO title face increasing pressure to change with the times. Why?

According to Asuret’s Michael Krigsman, “In the old days of corporate technology, experts guarded big computer centers and served as the high priests of technology. Few others were allowed inside their precious realm. Today, so-called ‘consumerization of IT’ means every department and function in a business has the potential to be its own IT department.”

Vala Afshar at Enterasys adds, “Consumers are driving the accelerated adoption of social, mobile and cloud technologies. Service delivery organizations must adapt quickly: culture, people, process and technology.”

What’s going on here? Is this just a fashionable trend or a long-term impact on your company? Will provider-customer co-innovation continue? Can customer service be the key differentiator between you and your competition?

Pour a cup of Joe, Earl, or OJ and join us for food for thought on the 21st Century CIO Makeover: The Reveal.

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