21st Century Tech Leaders: What’s in a Name?

Radiocasts | February 8, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

What’s in a name? Plenty, for today’s CIO.

Given this tech leader’s dynamically evolving role, their “I” stripe could be earned for bravery as an astute Integrator, game-changing Innovator, Infrastructure guru, Intelligence master, or some of each. But perhaps the title itself needs a makeover: chief customer experience officer – CCEO.

Alphabet soup aside, who is best suited for this transformed and transformative function?

What comes to mind are superman and superwoman traits: A bold, progressive, fearless IT leader who meets tough challenges head-on. A strategic thinker whose vision enables company-wide business agility to scale to new heights. And a positive-interaction advocate who deftly tears down traditional barriers between the IT department and business units.

Listen as four experts discuss the evolving roles, goals and soul of today’s technology leaders.

Pour a cup of Joe, Earl, or OJ and join us for food for thought on 21st Century Tech Leaders: What’s in a Name?

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