ABCs of Social Selling and Building Your Global Brand

Radiocasts | March 17, 2015 by Bonnie D. Graham

The buzz: Social selling.

Attention, suppliers! Studies show that B2B buyers are 57% –70% of their way through the buying process before they first engage with your sales people. This means prospects are having a learning party without you.

How? The modern buyer is digitally driven, socially connected, mobile, and empowered with unlimited access to information.

Time for a reality check. If your sales team is not up-to-date on social selling, its critical role in global brand strategy, and how to master social channels like LinkedIn to cut through the noise, listen up.

The experts speak.

Michael Idinopulos, PeopleLinx: “In 3 years, sales reps who aren’t active on social media today will be…out of work.”

Jill Rowley, Jill “If you suck offline; you’ll suck more online. You are what you eat and what you Tweet.”

Phil Lurie, SAP: “Social selling enables businesses to reach new markets in ways that best suit the 21st Century consumer.”

Join us for ABCs of Social Selling and Building Your Global Brand.

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