SAP University Alliances launches in Mauritius

Le Sirius, MauritiusAcademics from Mauritius, leaders in the industry, senior government officials and journalists will attend a joint-launch of the University Alliances in Mauritius sponsored by SAP Africa and the University of Technology, Mauritius The launch will take place on the 24th September 2008, commencing at 17:30 at the Labourdonais Hotel – Le Sirius, Mauritius.

‘The launch is part of SAP’s vision to invest in countries around the world where the company does business. In Mauritius specifically SAP has a business relationship with the Mauritius Revenue Authority and the launch is part of SAP’s commitment to the Mauritian Government in the skilling and upskilling of Mauritian people through the University Alliances,’ says Max Fuzani, University Alliances Manager at SAP Global Communications.

The Mauritian business sector, educational institutions, government and non-governmental organizations are invited to register and attend this event. The event will be followed by the declaration of the University of Technology, Mauritius being declared as the SAP University Alliances light-house for the Comoros, Seychelles and Madagascar, for members and prospective members of the University Alliances in the Indian Ocean Islands. All Universities, Colleges of Applied Sciences, Business Schools, Community Colleges in the Islands are anticipated to be part of this vibrant SAP ecosystem.

The University of Technology, Mauritius, working closely with the industry will be opening up more possibilities and giving another boost to its offerings within its curricula. The creation of the Master’s of Business & Enterprise Systems for example aligns itself with SAP’s technologies available for uptake. The programme adds value not only product wise but grows deeper by creating an understanding of the business processes and business environment,’ says Kris Seeburn, SAP University Alliances Coordinator at the University of Technology, Mauritius.

Furthering the agreement, the University of Technology, Mauritius, is concentrating on making highly sought after capability like using and implementing ERP technologies a reality for aspirant business leaders. This launch will put us on the road to the idea of a purely Academia based University to a Academia-Industry focused approach’ adds Seeburn

Furthering the programme at a later stage TERP 10 programme will be offered and certification will follow for those concentrating mainly on SAP ERP.

The keynote speakers at the launch include the Director of the University Alliances in EMEA, Mr Heino Schrader, the Chief Operations Officer of SAP Africa, Mr Maphum Nxumalo, the Chairperson of the Board of Governors of the University of Technology, Mauritius Dr. S. Reddi and a senior representative from the Mauritian government. The Theme of the Launch is:
The SAP University Alliances is “Alive with possibilities”.

About University Alliances

Started in the mid-1990s in Germany, the programme now has over 800 member universities and colleges world-wide. The latest countries to join are India, Russia and South Africa – which had the full backing of the Education Ministry. The objective of the programme is to nurture talented graduates so that they can add value to organisations – in all business disciplines, not just in IT – as soon as they enter the workforce. In order to achieve this, SAP brings universities and other institutions of higher learning, the private sector, and non-governmental organisations together to identify which skills are most needed by the economy and then develop relevant curricula that will churn out graduates able to step into the skills gaps.

Educators learn, teach and research on SAP software, build networks and collaborate within and beyond boundaries using the SAP educational software and platforms as part of the UA.

Member universities on the African continent include the University of Cape Town, University of Western Cape, University of Technology, Mauritius and the University of America in Nigeria, the University of Pretoria and the State University of Nigeria. The prospective members of the University Alliances include, Walter Sisulu University of Technology, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, University of Kwazulu-Natal, Namibia Polytechnic, and Enkangala Further Education and Training College.

Details about the User Group Meeting and arrangements for attending are available from Max Fuzani;
University Alliances Manager
Email: max.fuzani@sap.com
Tel: 011 235 6000

Further information is available on:

Details and Contact at the University of Technology, Mauritius from Kris Seeburn
SAP University Alliances Coordinator
Email : kris_seeburn@utm.intnet.mu
Tel: 00 230 234 7624

Further information is available on: www.utm.ac.mu