SAP software opens new doors for James 1:27 Trust

JohannesburgSAP Africa is supporting the James 1:27 Trust, a non-profit organisation that serves the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children affected by HIV/Aids, with the provision of its Business One software package.

Designed exclusively for small businesses, SAP Business One is an affordable business software management application that helps run entire organisations in a single system.

The James 1:27 Trust, whose mission is to partner with HIV Aids care-giving organisations to enable them to operate more efficiently, and build functioning management and control processes, was in the market for a system to manage its finances, with the aim of improving transparency and accountability in the organisation. In response to this need, the NGO set out to procure SAP’s Business One solution.

Sunil Geness, Corporate Affairs Executive at SAP Africa, explains: “We took a vested interest in this purchase as soon as we saw the order. The James 1:27 Trust’s objectives resonate with our own CSR strategy, which is to assist in building sustainable communities and supporting children affected by Aids on their path to becoming resourceful adults. The Trust shares our passion for high quality, effective information systems and puts these at the centre of their administration.”

According to Pankaj Pema, Africa Head of SAP Business One: “With over 70 000 companies actively using this software worldwide, SAP Business One continues to add value to organisations with a diverse range of requirements – from basic financial management to advanced enterprise resource planning. The support of the James 1:27 Trust is particularly rewarding for our business as it exemplifies our commitment to supporting the needs of the broader community.”

“We are delighted to have SAP on-board to help propel the organization forward,” said Robert Botha, CEO of The James 1:27 Trust. “We’re certain that this system will satisfy the stringent demands that all care-based organisations face.”

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