New SAP Technologies to Take Centre Stage at Saphila 2012

JohannesburgWith delegate registrations well underway for the biennial Saphila 2012 conference, hosted by the African SAP User Group (AFSUG), the Chairman, Cuan Kloppers, revealed the key topics to be presented by some of the IT industry’s most respected spokespersons.

“In today’s tight economic climate, we are well aware that customers need to drive value from their existing installations for them to build a compelling business case for new technology investment. SAP’s strategy and future outlook fully recognises this, hence its recent in-memory computing innovation and advances in the mobile platform will take centre stage,” Kloppers announced. “In addition, customers will be showcasing their successes and experiences in lowering their total cost of ownership, while meeting increasing business demands.”

Saphila 2012
Saphila 2012 will be taking place at Sun City from 28 to 31 October. Please click here for more information.

Pioneered by SAP through HANA technology (high-speed analytical appliance), in-memory computing uses data compression techniques to store information in random access memory (RAM), enabling the analysis of large datasets to be performed up to 10 000 times faster than on standard disks. The HANA in-memory database platform is a focus of SAP’s strategy and will form an integral part of the product portfolio spectrum in future.

To further strengthen SAP’s quest for real-time data analysis, mobility is fast becoming the new front end for business applications. SAP’s ‘Mobile 2.0’ strategy will leverage partnerships with Adobe, Appcelerator and Sencha to provide an open mobile application development framework that is cost-effective and efficient.

“With over 14 million mobile Internet users in South Africa alone, mobility will play a significant role in supporting our 2020 African growth strategy,” says Derek Kudsee, Chief Operating Officer, SAP Africa. “In addition, smartphone sales exceeded PC sales for the first time in 2011, so this platform, coupled with the exponential increase in tablet PC sales, will see mobile becoming the new desktop.”

This strength in mobile applications will be supported by a renewed focus in cloud services. Following SAP’s acquisition of Success Factors in late 2012 and the upcoming Ariba acquisition on the horizon, the company has formed a separate cloud division to drive key innovations in business applications, particularly in HR, talent management, CRM, procurement and expense reporting.

Taking place at Sun City from 28 to 31 October, Saphila 2012 is expected to attract more than 1 600 customers and partners, who will have the opportunity to draw on the insights of international SAP executives and leading industry experts. White paper submissions are encouraged, and must be completed by 15 June 2012.

For delegate registrations or to enquire about white paper submissions, visit www.saphila2012.co.za or e-mail saphila2012@sap.com.

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