Introducing the Extraordinary SAP HANA 2

An industry milestone, SAP HANA 2 helps customers manage disruption to achieve a successful digital future.

True innovation is extraordinary. It happens when the spark of ingenuity meets the power of action, and it requires a foundation based on modern IT that strikes the right balance between stability and agility. This week, SAP unveiled SAP HANA 2, the next-generation of the SAP HANA platform optimized to do exactly that.

Turning Data into an Intelligent Asset

Since 2011, SAP HANA has provided a stable digital foundation for thousands of companies transforming their business. SAP HANA 2 is the next-gen platform optimized for providing the agility needed to drive innovation.

SAP HANA 2 is the next-gen platform optimized to provide the agility needed to drive innovation

SAP HANA 2 enables companies to access any data, from any source, at any speed. It offers flexible tools, advanced analytical capabilities, and high security and scalability, transforming not only how companies manage their data and their databases, but how they use data to gain deeper insight into their business. New algorithms, for example, help companies discover patterns that enable machine learning.

Being Smart with Microservices

To make things easier, an express edition of SAP HANA is streamlined for rapid application development from any PC. In addition, developers can now leverage microservices in the cloud to embed advanced analytics for insight driven applications. More good news: These services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

SAP HANA express edition and cloud microservices can be used for rapid app development

Munich RE is a company using this microservice to help organizations manage risk from natural disasters such as fire, erosion or hurricanes impacting a specific geographic area. The company is using the microservice to process specific spatial satellite data and weather data to predict potential damage or show history of damage. They can visualize dynamic maps for risk classification and zoom-in into specific location and events. This will enable cities around the world that are plagued by erosion, for example, or monsoons and tropical rains, to predict and manage potential damage.

Microservices like these can bring cities one step closer to becoming smart cities that are expertly managing services and resources to provide a better quality of life. This is just one example of how SAP HANA 2 enables companies to go beyond the ordinary to become extraordinary.

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