Optimize Trading and Regulatory Compliance Operations with Digital Innovation

Success in capital market firms is measured by the ability to optimize their technology investments to drive innovation and financial growth.

An area that is ripe for innovation is trading operations and regulatory optimization, but achieving successful optimization is often challenged by the fact that enterprise stakeholders do not have access to quality, real-time, enterprise data that is needed to drive operational and regulatory excellence.

SAP works hand in hand with our clients and partners on innovative, real-time, digitally transformative solutions that simplify enterprise transparency and produce actionable outcomes.

Innovation that Transform Enterprises, Today

Just recently we have partnered with EZOPS, which offers ARO, a cloud-based cross-asset platform for data analysis, to create a dynamic, intuitive and quick-to-deploy solution that allows stakeholders to aggregate and align enterprise data in SAP HANA. This results in actionable data for optimizing post-trade operational processes and facilitating full regulatory reporting. Workflow management allows stakeholders to dynamically improve trading and regulatory process to sustain optimization.

“Our partnership with EZOPS brings a unique offering to the market,” SAP Global Head of Banking Falk Rieker said in a statement. The solution’s ability to simultaneously improve post trade operations, regulatory and compliance reporting through SAP HANA is unmatched in the financial services industry and critically important for the capital markets sector, according to Rieker. “The value that we can bring to our customers by teaming up with selected partners is why we’ve invested so heavily in our partnership program.”

Actionable, Real-Time Outcomes Are Now a Reality

The power of SAP HANA’s in-memory processing, combined with the EZOPS ARO analytics suite, is particularly applicable for C-level executives, as it visually displays the data across the business – showing in real-time operational efficiencies, risk portfolios, etc. These visual displays can be updated, with the pre-configured templates – to address new regulations or changing business rules.

According to Bikram Singh, founder and CEO of EZOPS, C-level leaders in the capital markets sector face an acute need to accelerate the pace of their operational and regulatory transformation. “Investments need to show immediate and quantifiable results,” Singh said in a statement. “Together with SAP, our goal is to help financial services firms leapfrog to a nimble cloud-based cross asset operational and regulatory solution.”

Capital Markets, Ready for Innovation?

“We expect financial firms to realize immediate benefits from this partnership as they continue ongoing operational and technology improvements to maximize ROI and automation in the years ahead,” digital transformation evangelist and EZOPS board member Jon Beyman said in a statement.

Investing in innovation is critical for success in today’s capital markets businesses. That is why at SAP, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve this by using technology, unique capabilities from our partners and cloud environments to help capital market clients overcome today’s challenges and to prepare for tomorrow.

Don Woerner is director Strategic Alliances for SAP Financial Services