SAP Model Company Services Jumpstart Industry Innovation on SAP S/4HANA

Leading-edge companies adopting innovations like SAP S/4HANA now have a path to faster business outcomes using prepackaged SAP Model Company services.

Featuring state-of-the-art applications and proven best practices from companies in major industries, this service is SAP’s answer to customers that need to meet the increasingly urgent clarion call of digital business transformation. Using these industry-specific, real-life experiences culled from market leaders, customers can dramatically reduce implementation time while speeding up prototyping.

“Customers can realize value from their SAP investment faster using the model company approach,” said Herbert Illgner, executive vice president, Strategic Projects, SAP Digital Business Services at SAP. “It’s the ultimate form of standardization for a specific line of business or industry, allowing customers to decrease risk, and accelerate adoption during discovery, preparation, exploration, and realization activities.”

Available as a standalone offering or part of the SAP S/4HANA Value Assurance service packages, SAP Model Company services take full advantage of the company’s deep and broad expertise. Here are two examples of how this approach can pay off big for industries, in this case, retail and banking.

With the model company approach, customers can realize value from their SAP investment faster

Retailers Go Big on Omnichannel

Retailers of every size continue to face exponential disruption from advanced technologies. IDC forecasts retailers will triple their investments in digital transformation by 2019. SAP Model Company for Omnichannel Retail services is aimed at providing retailers with a blueprint for accelerating digital innovation in this fiercely competitive environment.

“Retailers need real-time transparency across systems to deliver the personalized, anywhere, anytime shopping experience that today’s customers demand,” said Jöerg Wagner, senior vice president and global head Consumer Industries Digital Business Services at SAP. “With the reference architecture we’re providing, retailers can accelerate innovation projects while mitigating the risk. Having an industry-specific digital framework to begin the transformational journey unifies IT and line-of-business in optimizing integrated processes from consumer-facing ordering and promotions through dynamic inventory sourcing and backend financials.”

The SAP Model Company for Omnichannel Retail service includes pre-built, ready-to-run capabilities combining multiple SAP applications including SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP Hybris Marketing, SAP Customer Activity Repository, and classic ERP capabilities all on top ofSAP HANA Cloud Platform. Featured content encompasses using analytics to gain insights on customers and drive more personalized experiences, real-time inventory visibility, and consistent pricing across channels.

Banks Embrace Disruption

As if an avalanche of increasingly stringent regulations on top of grassroots customer demands for speedy convenience weren’t challenging enough, banks are also fighting fintech upstarts for market share worldwide. According to Uwe Guenther, global head of Strategy & Innovation Financial Services at SAP, SAP Model Company service for Integrated Banking for SAP S/4HANA is designed to provide the digital core that both new and established financial services companies need, drawing from a rich repository of preconfigured end to end processes including capabilities for online and mobile banking.

“Time to market is critical for both traditional banks and fintech startups,” said Guenther. “We offer a proven landscape of end to end processes every financial services company can adopt rapidly for a stable, digital foundation to quickly deliver innovative services that keep their customers happy.”

SAP is piloting its Integrated Banking model company with customers that include a Latin American-based bank modernizing its dated core banking system. “Customers are very interested in our approach because it speeds up their time to market for new digital services while managing risk. They can touch, see and understand the rich functionality that other banks have already found valuable,” said Guenther.

Transformation Road Maps by Industry

Each SAP Model Company service consists of ready-to-use models featuring real-world demos and hands-on training workshops. They will initially be available in approximately 10 industries and lines of business including retail, insurance, oil & gas, connected manufacturing and R&D, expanding to additional industries later this year.

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