SAP Business One: Taking Dabmar Manufacturing to the Next Level

Locally owned business chooses SAP Business One, from 4most, for complete control over daily operations

With more than 50 years of continuous business, family-owned Dabmar Manufacturing is highly regarded as a world leader in the manufacture of industrial screening machines for sorting, sizing, and conveying material.

Using the analogy of a battlefield, second generation owner, Josef Martin, stresses the critical need for control. “It’s essential to have immediate and hands on control over every single aspect of operations to facilitate the smooth running of any organisation,” he says.

Whilst enjoying several centres of excellence, Dabmar had begun to experience the challenges caused by a lack of integration and siloed approach. In addition, the need to comply with various ISO certifications further compounded the need for a complete technology infrastructure overhaul.

But, it’s about so much more than that. “The two most vital components of any business are its customers, and its people,” continues Martin. “And, part of looking after one’s people is to ensure they are equipped with the necessary tools and skills to deliver on their mandate and, in so doing, derive maximum job satisfaction.”

A due diligence process, coupled with a review of its larger customers’ technology infrastructure, quickly revealed that the popular choice, by far, was that of SAP. “It is, in my opinion, the most rational solution by far in all respects,” enthuses Martin. “By its very nature, SAP Business One is an enterprise management system, and in that literally everything required to holistically manage one’s business and processes.”

Douglas Johnson, head of operations at Dabmar, concurs. “We had reached the stage as a company where the need for complete coordination was essential.” Dabmar’s legacy infrastructure, comprising several disparate systems, was resulting in inefficiencies within the operations division. These ranged from duplication or orders through to inefficient stock control. “We also work with a large number of mining facilities, most of which make use of the SAP environment,” continues Johnson. Consequently, Dabmar was under pressure to comply with certain systems.

With its choice of technology decided, Dabmar set about finding the right vendor. “We sent out a RFI to several SAP suppliers,” continues Martin. “Literally, within a couple of minutes, we had received our first response from 4most. A leading supplier and implementer of SAP Business One and ERP software technology, 4most has a long-established track record and reputation founded not only on its depth of knowledge around SAP Business One, but, similarly, its customer service, hands on support and commitment to gaining as deep an understanding of its customers’ operations and industries as possible.

“They impressed us right from the beginning,” adds Martin. “The speed of response and sense of urgency displayed by 4most is exactly what I was looking for in a technology partner.”

With go live scheduled for May this year, Martin and his team are optimistic and excited by the expected outcome and benefits. “Complete integration across all aspects of the business providing us with total control, at the touch of a button, is without a doubt set to be the biggest game changer,” continues Johnson. However, the resulting impact on day to day operations from increased functionality enabling the remote accessing and monitoring of stock levels through to the automation of certain vital processes, is set to revolutionise the current Dabmar working environment.

“Currently, when offsite, we need to physically phone the office to check available stock levels,” says Blackie Swart, head of production. “Even our orders are manually placed.” The ability to automate and streamline Dabmar’s daily operations will not only save time and money, but, further, will result in increased efficiencies, reduced waste and less human error.

“We want our business to run better,” concludes Martin. “SAP Business One stands poised to help us do exactly that, taking Dabmar Manufacturing to the next level.”