Introducing the 2017 SAP HANA Innovation Award Winners

The late Steve Jobs said that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Meet the new technology leaders who are creating the future and demonstrating the power of SAP platform and technology solutions.

It’s finally here! The list of this year’s SAP HANA Innovation Award Winners. The 2017 participation was overwhelmingly successful with a total of 150 entries. Compelling examples of world-class innovation from 24 countries and across 26 industries made for tough competition and the judging scores were incredibly close.

Meet the new technology leaders creating the future and demonstrating the power of SAP

Customer Track Winners

Digital Trailblazer Category

  • 1st place | Aesculap AG, a B. Braun company
    Innovative Cloud-Based Platform and Mobile Applications
    Aesculap strives to improve safety and quality in each surgery worldwide and to simplify hospital processes. It has developed new business models by establishing a digital service platform, which provides mobile apps based on the SAP Cloud Platform to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • 2nd place | Advanced Micro-Fabrication
    Creating a Real-Time Supply Chain by Breaking Down Inter-Enterprise Barriers
    AMEC deployed the SAP HANA platform to enable a real-time supply chain, with a solution that breaks down communication barriers between enterprises so that information can be shared and workflows can be coordinated in real time. The result for AMEC has been significant cost reduction, greatly improved efficiency and better quality management and control.

Social Hero Category

  • 1st place | Parkland Hospital
    Improving Medication Adherence with SAP HANA
    Understanding patients’ adherence to medication was previously unavailable at Parkland Hospital, preventing effective patient care in some situations. They implemented the Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) method of calculating a medication adherence score across their patient population, primarily due to the ability of HANA to rapidly calculate a patient’s score across days and drug classes, while accounting for hospital stays, early refills, and changes between drugs with similar mechanisms.
  • 2nd place | Vectus Group SH
    Reducing Operational Costs with SAP S/4HANA
    Vectus improves people’s lives by offering reliable and safe water storage tanks, pipes and fitting systems. With facilities spread across multiple locations, the company needed a consolidated digital core that would streamline operations and increase transparency for its business, distributors, and customers. To achieve its goal, Vectus has deployed SAP S/4HANA and extended its business processes with an intuitive mobile application that encourages people to get and stay in touch, improving communication across its value chain.

Process Innovator Category

  • 1st place | Karma Automotive
    Digitally Ready from Day One to Deliver Cloud-Connected and Eco-Friendly Cars
    As a startup, Karma Automotive had the vision of delivering a cloud-connected car where everyone involved had the data they needed to buy, build, inspect, track, ship, sell and drive the vehicle at their fingertips. By partnering with SAP, Karma has become a digital company faster, and in a smarter way than otherwise possible. Now Karma can use data for smart decisions from start to finish, leveraging intuitive user experiences and the power of the cloud.
  • 2nd place | Sutter Health
    Driving Big Data and Data Science Transformation with SAP HANA
    With the implementation of SAP HANA and big data and data science tools, Sutter Health drove evidence-based decision making across the organization, improved patient referrals, lowered the cost of providing quality care, and has engaged with more patients in more meaningful ways.

Partner Track Winners

Digital Trailblazer Category

  • 1st place | EOH Mthombo Ltd
    EPIC, an Integrated Emergency Management and Public Safety System on SAP HANA and SAP CRM
    EOH Mthombo (Pty) Ltd. built the EPIC Emergency Management and Public Safety System; which is being used by the City of Cape Town, South Africa. EPIC is designed to create a single, common platform for collaboration, communication and coordination amongst public safety departments.
  • 2nd place | T-Systems South Africa
    EPIC, an Integrated Emergency Management and Public Safety System on SAP HANA and SAP CRM
    T-System South Africa, in conjunction with Huawei and LOTS, has created an integrated digital platform to enhance efficiencies, improve capacity planning, and integrate logistics, helping companies such as Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) facilitate trade throughout the African continent.

Social Hero Category

  • 1st place | Deloitte Consulting B.V.
    Futures HUB Empowering Refugees
    Deloitte’s global initiative to address the refugee crisis includes an innovative knowledge platform to uncover the economic potential of refugees, providing access to opportunities that enable successful integration into labor markets and local communities. The Future HUB platform enables refugees to connect with corporation, NGOs and coaches (aka: buddies) to enable a quicker integration within the local society, impacting the lives of a diverse group of individuals
  • 2nd place | PlaceSpeak Inc.
    Spatial Visualization of Public Opinion Data
    PlaceSpeak is using the SAP HANA platform and SAP HANA text analysis to analyze and visualize large volumes of online civic engagement text data collected through public consultations conducted on its platform. The result is a new innovative capability called SentiMap, providing local government customers with powerful new insights about the opinions and preferences of different parts of the populations they serve.

Process Innovator Category

  • 1st place | Sablono GmbH
    Best-Run Projects Run Soblano on SAP HANA
    The Soblano platform enables real-time project management in complex projects based on SAP HANA. By connecting scheduling and workforce management in one combined solution, enterprises across multiple industries get a unified project management solution to understand their projects’ performance in real time.
  • 2nd place | The Next View BV
    Increasing Production Yields in an Eco-Friendly Way with IoT and Big Data Analysis
    Next View develops smart applications in the fields of Big Data, process mining, and the Internet of Things (IoT). To help companies, like sugar producer Suiker Unie, increase their production yield and lower costs, Next View created a solution based on SAP HANA and SAP Cloud Platform to facilitate field soperations, empower the use of IoT in the harvesting process, and provide data-driven breed and cultivation advice.

Special Award Winners

In addition, select participants have also been recognized for their innovative leadership with special awards, including two Industry Disrupter winners, six Regional Choice Award winners and 25 Honourable Mentions.

More SAP Innovation

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