SAP Leonardo: The SAP System for Digital Innovation

During SAP CEO Bill McDermott’s SAPPHIRE NOW keynote, he turned the spotlight to one of SAP’s biggest moves since SAP HANA, called SAP Leonardo. Here’s how Bill served it up:

“It’s time for machine learning to take the work out of your work flow. It’s time for billions of devices to go from thinking, to doing. It’s time for SAP Leonardo, the SAP system for digital innovation.”

Bill then introduced Mala Anand, president for SAP Leonardo, to a cheering audience eager to learn more. Anand did not disappoint and provided much food for thought about SAP’s latest and greatest.

“Our customers see the potential for faster growth and higher productivity in becoming increasingly digital,” said Anand. “But we also hear from them about where they should start their digital journey. SAP is in an unparalleled position to help our customers take advantage of the trends in digital transformation and drive business outcomes.”


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Anand said a paradigm shift is happening and to deliver these business outcomes new forms of systems of intelligence are emerging that are embedded with artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data, analytics, internet of things and blockchain.

“These new data driven systems of intelligence enable us to reap unprecedented value from data, unlock new business models and completely allow us to re-imagine the business processes across supply chain, customer interactions, workforce experience and much more,” said Anand.

Anand said SAP looked out across the business landscapes of its 350,000 customers and a common set of problems emerged. Anand said SAP helped solve these problems using very similar technologies and approaches in a repeatable and scalable manner.

“This is the reason we created SAP Leonardo,” she said. “You all know SAP Leonardo is our brand variety, but to deliver transformation at scale we need more than IT. So we’ve expanded SAP Leonardo to be our digital innovation system that will help you, confidently, redefine your business for this digital world.”

Anand said SAP Leonardo works by using very differentiated software capabilities and advanced design thinking methodologies, combined into accelerated solutions, to solve very specific business problems.

But to become a digital business companies need to change both business model and process, and no single technology can deliver this, warned Anand.

“This is why SAP Leonardo combines differentiated software capabilities from machine learning, Big Data, analytics and IoT all on our cloud platform and SAP HANA, delivered in real time scale.”

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