Saphila 2017 Set to Reimagine Infinite Possibilities

Saphila 2017,  ICT’s don’t-miss conference of 2017, is taking place at Sun City on 5 and 6 June 2017.

This biennial conference is a platform for SAP users to connect, create and collaborate, through sharing knowledge about innovation, implementation, and service delivery.

According to Reg Barry, board member of the African SAP User Group (AFSUG) and 2017 chairman of Saphila, AFSUG’s and SAP’s commitment to rethink, reassess and reimagine business for the digital economy drives their search for what is possible.

AFSUG is a non-profit organisation that has no direct links to SAP; rather, it has been put together by customers and is funded through customer membership.

“AFSUG brings three key players together – SAP, customers and partners and we come together and have sessions to discuss various aspects, where SAP and partners can provide interest,” says Barry.

This leads into the huge conference every 2-3 years where SAP, partners, and customers can come together and see the latest technology as well as what the products can offer.

The event is focused on sharing the real experiences companies have had with projects where they utilised SAP products.

Saphila 2017 also intends to clarify SAP’s strategy and demystify the terminology and buzzwords that are used.

The conference offers keynote plenary presentations, a set of themed breakout streams sessions as well as world-class evening events which will allow peers to network with CXOs, SAP COE managers, SAP users, technical specialist and business representatives initiating the discussion of issues and ideas.

Through this, Saphila 2017 will empower the delegate with the knowledge in how to engage with and embrace the new SAP solutions and technologies and ultimately gain a better ROI on your SAP investment.

Keynote formats are set to be a highlight this year with talks delivered by Tom Raftery, SAP Vice President, Futurist, & Global Internet of Things Evangelist, and Dr Adriana Marais, head of Innovation at SAP Africa and also one of the top 100 candidates in the Mars-One project.

Further presentations will focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, SaaS/ cloud support services, Hana cloud platform, networks, the digital transformation, cloud contracting/ cloud contracts, the user experience, real case studies, lessons learnt, and more.

There will also be a dedicated space to discover new products and take part in solution demonstrations by both sponsors and exhibitors with the concept of big data and the fact that many customers want to know how to harness this unstructured data to make it more available.

As Big Data, IoT and M2M dominate the tech landscape, SAP is offering some exciting products in this space as well.

Businesses that are big and unmanageable need to attend this conference to see what is being offered to overcome their challenges, Barry adds.

SAP can offer them the opportunity to see how SAP solutions can be applied in their business environments and harness their Big Data.

“The last conference was held in 2014 – and for this year we are extremely excited about the product offerings and the huge advancement from SAP’s side,” Barry continues.

“We are expecting about 1000 delegates to the conference, which makes it the premier IT conference in South Africa.”

This year brings revolutionary solutions, with the advancements of SAP over the past few years, of which the biggest is a new version of SAP called S/4HANA.

SAP and AFSUG believe that the true value of S/4HANA will come out in Saphila 2017 since it was very new when it was first launched three years ago and clients that haven’t started using it will have the chance to experience it for themselves.

“The conference’s focus remains on quality content that encourages a positive shift in business to add economic value,” highlights Barry.

“There is a great agenda of speakers this year who have gone through quite a rigorous process, and it will be very worthwhile to attend.

“We are offering a huge amount of content, and attendees will learn a lot about what SAP is offering,” he concludes.

This year, AFSUG and SAP is offering a car as part of a lucky draw, and the odds of winning it are better than you would expect.

If you want to be a delegate and attend Saphila 2017, you can register here.

A registration fee applies, and discounts are only offered to members of AFSUG.

For more information about packages available and the Saphila exhibition and conference, you can visit the Saphila 2017 website.


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