Promoting Employee Health and Well-Being with SAP SuccessFactors Technology

As the Health and Well-Being Solutions Marketer at SAP SuccessFactors, I work with people focused on creating solutions that help people make positive behavior changes to improve their lives for better health and well-being.

These are passionate, positive, smart and fun people who are collaborating on solutions designed to improve both the health of employees and the companies they work for.

Recent research shows that healthy, thriving employees are key to creating sustainable, profitable organizations.

  • An internal study at SAP showed that a 1 point increase in our internal well-being survey score impacts our business by $75-85 MM in operating costs.1
  • Organizations with cultures and programs supporting employee health and well-being are perceived as more desirable by job candidates.2
  • Increases in employee well-being have been associated with 35% lower turnover rate. This translates into savings of approximately $19.5 million for a typical 10,000 person company.

Having healthy employees is clearly good for business, but creating healthier workforces is not a simple undertaking. This week at SuccessConnect London we will be discussing how SAP SuccessFactors technology can dramatically change and simplify how companies approach the complex topic of employee health and well-being. We will show how SAP SuccessFactors solutions can be used to access innovative health and well-being solutions provided by our partners. Here are just a few of the partner solutions we will be demonstrating:

Castlight – Health benefits platform that engages employees to make better healthcare decisions, whether they are staying healthy, accessing care or managing a condition.

Thrive Global – Behavioural change program to end the stress and burnout epidemic through sustainable science-based solutions for improved performance. Thrive delivers the latest in health and well-being through an enjoyable and engaging experience. SAP SuccessFactors customers will receive access to exclusive Thrive pathways designed to improve employee well-being and productivity and encourage positive behavior changes.

Virgin Pulse – Mobile-first behavioural change platform that delivers a personalized user experience, utilizing gamification to engage users in building healthy habits across all areas of well-being, from nutrition to sleep to financial well-being. Daily usage of the platform inspires meaningful, measurable and sustainable change across individuals and the businesses they serve.

In addition, we will demonstrate how customers are already utilizing our SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite to support their organizational health and well-being goals, through implementing healthy goals, managing and delivering health and well-being benefits, and establishing sustainable cultures to support health and well-being.

1 SAP Internal Climate Survey, quote by Yvette Cameron 2016 SuccessConnect

2 Chapman, D.S. Uggerslev, K.L., Carroll, S.A. Piasentin, K.A., & Jones, D.A. (2005). Applicant attraction to organizations and job choice: a meta analytic review of the correlates of recruiting outcomes. Journal of applied psychology, 90(5), 928.