Msunduzi Municipality Accelerates Customer Experience

Msunduzi Municipality has embarked on a journey to improve service delivery and customer experience.

The Municipality decided to implement a SAP system to ensure that internal and external stakeholders are assisted with ease, quickly and with less effort. The SAP system is a business package designed to pull together all areas of the business and make them talk together, becoming more integrated. This means that all areas in the municipality, like procurement, billing, finance, grants, budgets and so forth are part of the system and provide end to end solutions for the municipality.

Most importantly, there will be a common platform for business processes, as well as a single source for information. This will make decision-making easier, faster and transparent.

The municipality is on the verge of implementing the component of SAP that deals with billing and invoicing for the greater Msundizu community. The basic functions for SAP utilities are customer care, device management (meter reading), real estate, billing and invoicing.The municipality’s Revenue section has pledged to deliver high-end quality service with the help of the application.