Singularity University to Host Inaugural African Summit

Singularity University, a global community leveraging exponential technologies to tackle the world’s key challenges, will host its first international SingularityU South Africa Summit, from August 23 to 24, in Midrand, Gauteng.

The two-day summit will highlight the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, blockchain (digital ledger) and other exponential technologies in healthcare, security, design and finance. The summit will also offer an exchange of ideas and existing best practices in these fields.

Exponential thought leaders, Singularity University faculty members and organisations worldwide will engage in extensive debate, and collaborative discussions that aim to provide participants with insights into emerging exponential technologies and how they can be used to create positive change and economic growth in the African region.

In addition to presentations by experts, participants at the summit will explore issues such as trending technological changes worldwide and their impact on industry growth and region-specific challenges. The summit will also showcase African entrepreneurs and innovations and advanced technologies in the interactive exhibitor halls.

The summit will be hosted in collaboration with financial services provider Standard Bank, and key strategic partners include advisory firm Deloitte, telecommunications provider MTN, radio group 702 and software company SAP, while media company Mann Made Media is organising the summit.

“Singularity University is proud to be working with Standard Bank and Mann Made Media to host this first-ever SingularityU South Africa Summit and connect with Africa’s leaders and organisations shaping the future,” remarks Singularity University associate founder and CEO Rob Nail.

He notes that South Africa represents a microcosm of the challenges facing humanity worldwide and is fast gaining a solid reputation as a global centre.

Meanwhile, summit organiser Mic Mann highlights that South Africa has a unique opportunity to play a vital role in shaping an abundant future for all Africans.

“Our ability to leverage and develop accelerating technologies . . . will enable us to leapfrog legacy systems, compete in the global economy and have a massive impact on growth and economic health. It is of the utmost importance for us to bring Singularity University to South Africa to educate, empower and inspire leaders and future leaders in Africa,” he stresses.

Summit speakers confirmed to date include Singularity University faculty and computer scientist, futurist and award-winning author Ramez Naam and serial entrepreneur David Roberts, who also serves as chairperson of global drone services company HaloDrop, and 1QBit, the world’s first software company for quantum computers.

Other speakers are Singularity University faculty scientist, engineer and entrepreneur Raymond McCauley, who explores the effects of advanced technology on biology, genetics, medicine and agriculture, as well as New Zealand-based cybersecurity consultancy Cyber Toa CEO Mandy Simpson.