Technology Equals Streamlined Production and Profits: The Ramburg Beef Story

Since the start of the business back in the 1970s, Ramburg Beef has been through many changes. These include the deregulation of the meat industry in the 1980s, ownership changes and drastic technological developments.

In order to outsmart and stay ahead of the competition, Ramburg Beef needed to embrace change and not resist it. This included researching technology-based systems to improve production efficiency and financial management. Other identified challenges that could be answered through business intelligence software were a lack of traceability, real-time insight into workstation output and inefficient workstation tracking.

According to Clyde Langenberg, Financial Manager of Ramburg Beef, “There were three areas we wanted to address to take our business to the next level. Traceability of stock (from feedlot to retailer), improved access to information and a fully integrated production, sales and accounting system.”

No traceability of production and sales systems meant that management was unable to gain accurate and real-time data to make informed business decisions. Manual integration and spreadsheets between the company and the software also took up valuable manpower and opened the door for human error.

Its technological transformation came in the form of SAP Business One – a product developed by SAP from the ground up specifically for the needs and requirements of SMEs, and implemented by Bluekey Seidor South Africa*.

Improved stock management, full financial integration, complete stock/sales traceability, reduced requirement for manual inputs, and real-time reporting were some of the benefits experienced by Ramburg Beef. “When looking at the cost implications of not having these processes in place, it quickly became clear that we made the correct decision. The way we see it is better control = improved productivity = increased sales,” says Langenberg.

Converting to the SAP Business One abattoir solution was a challenge for Ramburg Beef as there was a complete mind-shift that needed to happen. There were also hardware constraints that, once implemented, put it on par with major global brands. Bluekey Seidor worked alongside Ramburg to provide solutions to challenges faced.

Langenberg believes that “SAP Business One and Ramburg Beef have a mutually beneficial future where we have provided the red meat abattoir market with a ‘better’ integrated system and ground-breaking access to information.” The return on investment is measured by the speed and precision of the production process which protects margins.

*Bluekey Seidor is an Associate Member of the RMAA and the SAP Business One Abattoir Solution that it offers successfully meets the demands of growing abattoirs.