Attention New Developers: SAP TechEd Debuts Discovery Pass in 2017

Over 400 million people will use mobile augmented reality apps by next year. About a year later, people will be listening to suggestions on living a healthier lifestyle from 100 percent of fitness trackers.

And if you think voice is big now, wait until 2019, when 450 million intelligent assistants will have consumers singing the praises of IoT applications. These are just a few of the top 10 predictions IDC has released, representing a sliver of the innovations that developers need to conquer for digital disruption.

Discovery Pass Debut

Which brings us to SAP TechEd 2017 in Las Vegas. Experienced innovators have long recognized the value of this premiere event to help them get educated and inspired on the latest innovations. Now developers at all levels can attend SAP TechEd at a fraction of the cost, and find the tools and information they need to explore their passions.

The discovery pass is targeted at new developers exploring cloud, machine learning, mobile, IoT, blockchain, big data and more. It’s designed for a wide range of developers who may be with a start-up, learning new skills, or just starting their careers. Alternately, someone could be managing a developer team or IT department committed to transformation. Simply put, technology has dramatically changed the world, and SAP TechEd reflects this transformation.


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“We are opening up SAP TechEd, showcasing our changed technologies and welcoming the new groups of people who are passionate about using the latest innovations,” said Ric Rogers, Global Events Lead for SAP TechEd. “The longstanding value of this event remains the same as we bring more of the new technologies in, and help those developers at all stage of their careers understand how to use them to add value to their organizations.”

He added that this year’s group discounts include a complimentary discovery pass.

Developers at all levels can now attend @SAPTechEd at a fraction of the cost

Terrific Path to Instant Knowledge

Here’s how the discovery pass works. Attendees gain access to a group of carefully curated lectures covering the latest advancements that are fueling hyper-connectivity and digital disruption. They can also attend the executive keynotes, have conversations with experts on the conference show floor and mingle with leaders during networking sessions.

In the videoabove, Thomas Grassl, chief developer and coolness Officer at SAP, and Craig Cmehil, developer evangelist team lead for SAP TechEd, explain how someone can follow their own fast learning path. The agenda is designed to provide the complete picture on specific topics — think Big Data, cloud development, DevOps, UX, integration, machine learning, mobile, blockchain — as they participate in hands-on tutorials, watch show floor demos, and listen to the keynotes for an understanding of how all the technologies fit together.

“The person who’s likeliest to get the most out of the discovery pass may be fresh out of school, or working with one of our partners to gain the skills they need to get their career off the ground,” said Rogers. “We’re also encouraging leaders to use the Pass to bring their junior developers who will walk away with a trove of insights they can put to work immediately.”

I can’t promise that Björn Goerke, chief technology officer and president of SAP Cloud Platform, will once again power his ultra-cool DeLorean onto the stage in a cascade of smoke for his kick-off keynote like last year, but you can be sure of some equally dazzling spectacles of SAP innovation throughout the week.

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