Pack a Punch with Tailored Medical Distribution Software

Bluekey Seidor, the most successful and fastest growing SAP Business One partner in Africa, has launched a software solution specifically tailored for the Medical Distribution industry. The medical distribution industry is fiercely competitive, with little room for errors – in this arena businesses have to be on their toes.

The SAP Business One Medical Distribution software ensures that companies have a tactical plan to ensure that they’re fighting fit and are able to bob-and-weave around the complexities of inventory, supply chain management, forecasting and reporting.

Craig Johnston, Marketing Manager at Bluekey Seidor, says: “Our affordable solution integrates distribution processes with financial management and operational requirements and provides real-time data and reporting, ensuring you’re toe-to-toe with your competitors”.

The Medical Distribution software combines financials, operations, sales, reporting, demand planning, complete supply chain management and warehousing, providing businesses with the tools to achieve operational excellence that results in a knock-out win.

“In the four main areas of Medical Distribution (emergency, chronic, acute and seasonal care), on-time delivery of products is imperative. This tailored software will provide businesses with a combination punch that will enable them to forecast, track, integrate and automate key distribution processes and products, avoiding delivery glitches that could be devastating for patients and businesses alike”, says Johnston.

The SAP Business One Medical Distribution software maximises functionality and includes:

• Inventory management and calibration
• Greater visibility and improved traceability across the board
• Insight into customer preferences and buying patterns
• Stock tracking and forecasting
• Order-to-cash management
• Streamlines processes, maximising efficiency

“We’re confident that this tactical plan will reduce costs, streamline order-to-cash processing, increase ROI and automation through real-time data, ultimately reducing invested capital and improving profit margins” concludes Johnston.