Field Service Integration: Where Technology Meets Humanity

The world is moving forward faster than ever. To stay in the game, you have to stay connected. And in order to stay connected, you have to be on top of technology. We live in a time where everything’s at the touch of a button and systems are integrated, instant and constantly upgraded. Customers expect no less. If you don’t keep up, your business will fall behind.

Yet, in all our cyber conversations, the connection we crave has always been, and always will be, ultimately human. This is where the face-to-face interaction of field service agents with customers becomes vitally important. Why? Because customers, and their service experience, determine the success and viability of a business, now more so than ever.

Bluekey Seidor brings a solution that uses technology to bring about that very human element – new school technology coupled with old school heart. It has incorporated the latest software to keep you constantly connected to field agents, helping it to engage with customers as you would like them to, with all the information they need to give customers service beyond expectation.

Introducing Field Service Solution – designed for success in service.

We all want good service and we all want to be treated well, especially when we’re paying for it. But good service doesn’t just happen, nor is it the responsibility of just one team or division. Building a culture of service is a strategic move.

Bluekey Seidor’s latest offering helps you implement this service action plan in a flexible, mobile, real-time and exceptionally user-friendly package. Its software gives you the ability to set up feedback loops (to gather data and improve products and service), offers real-time insights into customers and equipment, integrates IOT information and allows technicians to communicate both with management and each other. In essence, it brings customers, service centres, field technicians and management onto the same page, making for better, faster, more efficient field service, and ultimately, happier customers.

So let’s measure the impact of its Field Service Solution:

Customer benefits

Customers today are savvy. They know what they want, and they want it when they want it. This means that field technicians, not management or executives, are in the hot seat to keep customer satisfaction ratings high. They are the touchpoint where technology and humanity meet.

With our Field Service Solution, field teams will have access to the skills, parts, tools, and insight necessary to resolve every issue the first time they interact with a customer. Quick solutions, transparency and self-service are the new measurements of success in the mind of customers, and our package enables you to offer just that.

Field technicians benefits

With Bluekey Seidor, field technicians are able to go paperless and improve profitability through technology and service quality. We like to think of it as moving from the “clipboard” to the “smart phone”. Instead of using the out-dated method of collating information manually, data can be entered on site, customer comments can be added there and then, or parts can be ordered on the spot. Instead of the old-school rigidity a clipboard denotes with delayed turnaround times and resolutions, the smart technology it offers is adaptable, accessible, mobile and instant. Moving from the HiFi to the WiFi age, gives technicians the ability to have informed conversations with customers and ensure that they fix the issue at hand on the first visit.

Service centre benefits

With its software, service centres are afforded better overview, more structure and closer connection. When scheduling service calls and technicians manually, it’s impossible to account for everything. Bluekey Seidor makes it simple, eliminating return visits and no-shows by improving service information management. Automating dispatch puts everyone on the same page in real-time, while both field and office workers have the information they need to open and close client jobs on the spot. In turn, an “upgraded” service centre will cut costs and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Management benefits

Bluekey Seidor innovative Field Service Solution gives the entire management team the tools to maximise profitability and reduce daily expenses, by linking process-optimisation with improved customer satisfaction. When it comes down to it, its package is designed to help you build a better business service model, expand into new markets, and, ultimately, bring you success.

So isn’t it time to pack away the LP’s, video machines, ballpoint pens and exam pads, and take hold of all the possibility the age of technology has to offer? Isn’t it time to go techno, not retro? Field Service Solutions has just what you need to keep your business on the cutting edge, while never cutting relational ties with customers.

* Bluekey Seidor is rated the No.1 SAP Business One Partner in Africa and forms part of a global network of companies. Bluekey Seidor has helped more than 300 enterprises across the continent run their businesses better. Our extensive experience in Africa ensures the best possible Field Service outcome for your business.