SAP Helps Define Future of Healthcare at World Health Summit

SAP Health executives to be featured speakers at prestigious conference in Berlin, where researchers, physicians, and governments collaborate to set health agendas worldwide.

Executives from the SAP Health organization will be leading sessions at the premier strategic forum for global health leaders, the World Health Summit, which will convene October 15 in Berlin. The annual conference of the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers, Universities, and National Academies brings together more than 2,000 participants from 100 countries. These researchers, physicians, key government officials, and representatives from healthcare systems all over the world will set the agenda for global and public health, addressing the most pressing issues facing every facet of healthcare and medicine in the upcoming decade.

The World Health Summit provides a platform to bring together international participants from a wide range of healthcare and academic sectors, from the local to the global level. The vision behind the World Health Summit is to improve health worldwide through the implementation of excellent science, innovation, and courageous policies. The aim is to create a leadership network that can steer tomorrow’s global health agenda, advancing education, research, healthcare, and policy outcomes.

SAP Health executives speak at the premier strategic forum for global health leaders, #WHS2017

This year, the World Health Summit will focus on these central topics:

  • Health policy in the G7/G20: The future of global health governance
  • Global health security: Policy responses to planetary challenges
  • Healthy and resilient cities: Rethinking urban transformation
  • Vaccine research and development: Challenges and opportunities
  • Strengthening innovation and health systems in Africa
  • Big Data for health governance: Benefits, frameworks, and ethics.

These topics, along with the goals of the World Health Summit, align with the mission of SAP Health: To transform healthcare for patients, professionals, and providers. SAP Health is focused on developing ways to use digital innovation to improve and save lives. To do that, SAP Health enables organizations to gather and use data from across their organization, as well as from outside, including new and emerging sources such as molecular data. SAP Health is also working toward democratizing data, so it can be quickly and easily used by caregivers, researchers, analysts — everyone in healthcare.

Featured Speakers: Global Health Experts from SAP Health

The World Health Summit includes a noteworthy list of speakers in 2017, including eight ministers from seven countries, two Nobel Prize laureates, and CEOs from both the private sector and civil society. The lineup includes two SAP Health executives, who will be featured speakers in this year’s event: Thomas Laur, president of SAP Health, and Dr. David Delaney, chief medical officer, SAP Health.

Laur will be delivering the keynote: Innovations in Digital Health on Monday, October 16. In this address, he will discuss how technology and new innovations are converging with healthcare into the exciting new field of digital health. With expertise in global revenue management, product innovation, and corporate strategy, Laur will outline the many benefits of the digital health revolution, such as reducing inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, streamlining access, reducing costs, and improving quality. Laur will also talk about how digital health innovations are making medicine more precise and personalized, which can lead to better patient outcomes.

Dr. Delaney will be a featured speaker on the panel: Big Data for Health Governance on Monday, October 16, hosted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany. Delaney and the panelists will discuss not only the importance of capturing Big Data, but also some of the challenges of using and sharing health data. Even though Big Data can bridge the gap between healthcare delivery and population health and often improve outcomes, the detailed collection of data poses layers of ethical, regulatory, and technical challenges.

Watch Live

All of the sessions from the World Health Summit, including the keynote with Laur and the panel discussion with Dr. Delaney, will be streamed live on the World Health Summit website. The keynotes and discussions will also be available as recordings after the event.

Information about the World Health Summit is also available on: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter (hashtag #WHS2017).

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