TwinTech Leverages Partnership with SAP to Drive Cloud Solutions

TwinTech Services Limited has leveraged on its partnership with SAP in order to drive cloud solution and improve human resources management practice in Nigeria.

Speaking in Lagos at the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Cloud Awareness Breakfast organised by TwinTech services, the Managing Director, Taiwo Alli, said the key focus for the organisation is basically to ensure that cooperate organisations are aware of the features and benefits of the cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) functionality SuccessFactors.

He also stated that the cloud HCM product SuccessFactors is being powered by SAP and comes with cost savings benefit “a lot of companies are unaware of the numerous benefits that come with the product as well as implementing it with experts like TwinTech”

Alli further stated that part of the benefits is cost savings on capital expenditure (CAPEX), which means that companies don’t need to invest on huge infrastructure, stressing that the solution is hosted in secure location by SAP. The implementation timeframe is short, therefore companies do not need to employ several consultants to undertake the implementation.

Meanwhile, SAP is leveraging most of their products on its software database known as HANA. Over the last five years, SAP has acquired and invested heavily in the cloud HR solutions known as SuccessFactors. However, the implementation of those solutions is vital for them, and as a result they have identified qualified partners such as TwinTech to implement the solutions in Nigeria and across West Africa.

Continuing, Alli said: “To carry out the implementation, we come with our expertise and gather the requirement, then do the system configuration for our customers within in a short space of time. Then we deliver without spending a lot of money on consultancy. Here, people can save money.

“The strong point basically is our expertise and delivering the solution in the country. Therefore in line with SAP, we want to ensure that people derive the benefit they aspire for and create the awareness in order to generate revenue for us.

“Cloud solution improves human resources practice processes in a number of ways. If you look at the number of HR processes from hiring to firing, you will realise that digital transformation is improving the process. In Nigeria, some companies still manage their recruitments processes using spreadsheet or semi-automated solutions.”