Continuous Delivery for SAP with Automic

Automic Software, a leader in business automation software owned by CA Technologies, has released a radical new automation use case to help enterprises empower digital transformation initiatives across their SAP environments.

“Today, every business is a digital business,” says Chris Boorman, chief marketing officer at Automic. “As organisations implement digital transformation strategies, they need to align the pace of new technology with traditional ERPs and core business applications.

“Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP empowers organisations to deploy SAP copies for development and testing purposes at the click of a button, enabling rapid and agile development of digital transformation initiatives.”

Continuous Delivery for SAP:
Many organisations find it difficult and time-consuming to provide appropriately anonymised copies of SAP data for use by development, testing or QA teams. This can cause delays in agile development processes, which ultimately, impact business success.

Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP enables organisations depending on SAP for mission-critical operations to automatically manage test data and test automation.

Now teams can create copies of SAP systems, including the core data, at the click of a button. This speeds development, reduces costs, and drives agility.

Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP:
* Reduces the cost for storage and provisioning of test data.
* Accelerates testing & QA cycles with self-service provisioning and test case execution.
* Ensures quality and consistency by using fresh data on test cases.
* Increases compliance by anonymising sensitive data in non-production environments.
* Speeds time to market with shorter cycles in back-end applications.
* Lowers operational costs as skilled staff are freed from mundane and repetitive tasks.

Automic is helping enterprises achieve digital transformation and agility by optimising their SAP environments. Users include a global leading audit, tax and advisory firm, and a global developer and marketer of premier beer and cider brands.

These brand-name organisations are using Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP to unleash digital innovation and new business features, all while increasing production quality.

Traditionally it would take over four weeks to create working test environments at a significant cost. With Automic this process has been reduced to hours and enables a complete SAP landscape refresh, which can be initiated at the click of a button.

The result is a massive improvement in speed empowering development teams to build, test and QA new capabilities that would traditionally have taken weeks, if not months, to accomplish.