Innovation Kudos for SA Partner

Pictured: Werner Simpson and Bongani Magwebu from Linx/AS with the Fujitsu EMEIA Select Innovation finalist trophy

Randburg-based Linx/AS has been named as one of the top three most innovative channel partners at Fujitsu’s annual Select Partner Awards.

The company made it to the finals of the Innovation Awards for a system based on PalmSecure that extends SAP to the factory floor at Transnet.

CEO Werner Simpson, explains that Linx/AS drives SAP into areas where the software normally doesn’t reach. A joint venture with Fujitsu uses the PalmSecure platform to give access to SAP content to the Transnet staff who are normally unconnected.

Using the PalmSecure technology, employees are able to easily log into the system to not only use self-service human resources (HR) applications, but also to activate operational workflow processes.

Because the Biolock technology is quick and easy to use, it removes any stumbling blocks to accessing systems that workers normally experience. It also ensures that personal information is safeguarded, and that workers access only the systems and information they are authorised for.

There are many benefits to the technology, Simpson explains. “You don’t have to remember your password because no-one can access your content without your palm. The system is secure and robust – everything you need for the shop floor.”

He adds that Fujitsu’s support was key in developing the system. “Fujitsu gave is the support we needed to deliver the solution to our customers.

“With co-creation we have been able to deliver solutions that change our customers’ worlds.”

The Fujitsu EMEIA Select Innovation Award is given to partners who not only use the technology, but innovate and create something new. The innovation has to advance the digitalisation agenda, and must have a strong human-centric element.

The winner of the award this year was WWS-Data from Portugal. The Asia-Pacific winner was AfterDark Technologies from Australia.

Other EMEIA winners were Bechtle AG from Germany for Best Corporate Reseller; PC Trade Systems, Hungary for Best Fujitsu Channel Ambassador; Viadex from the UK as the Rising Star; Make IT from Sweden as Best SMB Partner; and SPA System Vertrieb Alexander from Germany for Best Infrastructure Partner.