African Businesses will Increasingly Need Enterprise Systems

Since local businesses are constantly challenged to improve their operations and transform to keep pace with rapidly changing customer expectations, SAP has observed that they need intelligent systems that eliminate redundant tasks while providing real-time analytical insights that can give business leaders predictive capabilities.

“And as technology hastens the pace of change, businesses will increasingly need enterprise systems that provide access to the latest technologies while giving the business the agility and flexibility they need to constantly adapt to changing conditions,” the company stated.

SAP which is a market leader in enterprise software revealed that all businesses today have one overriding thing in common: to be successful and sustainable, a business must be digital.

It revealed that while the rewards of moving a business towards digital are considerable, the initial transition can be challenging.

“Innovation requires the ability for businesses to collect, manage, analyse and leverage data of all types, to extend and connect to business networks, and to innovate new edge scenarios to allow the business to continuously adapt and advance,” SAP stated.

It added that regardless of size, shape or location, companies also need the ability to build and extend applications for every department and every role quickly, easily, and economically.

“The only way to do this is by leveraging a powerful cloud platform: solving individual business problems, empowering employees, and engaging customers requires a scalable accessible platform with real-time computing capabilities that can future proof the business and unlock the ROI of technology investment,” SAP stated.